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  1. Yes, it is relevant to the IE setting, IE default security setting is Automatic logon only in intranet zone. If I add catalog server to intranet zone, it works well. But in SCCM client settings, it only adds app catalog website point to trusted sites zone. so login dialog box prompt. How to setting for it?
  2. Hi AmrelMahdy, thanks for your reply. But can you tell me how to select the "Windows Authentication" in the IIS Role Service?
  3. Whenever I go to Application catalog from System Center, it always prompts me to supply user name and password. clients have joined to domain.
  4. It seem the IIS DP site is not working normal. when I input URL http://win-sccm/SMS_DP_SMSPKG$ with administrators account, I get a HTTP 500, Internal Server Error. I think the failure case is in here, but I don't know how to fix it.
  5. I recovery my SCCM 2012 server using a previous backup. when I try OSD it is failed. I have reset NAP account. smsts.log
  6. When I try to restore my primary site using a backup, it only can restore database. But failure occurred due to database exiting. Note from TechNet : When Setup detects an existing Configuration Manager site on the server, you can start a site recovery, but the recovery options for the site server are limited. For example, if you run Setup on an existing site server, when you choose recovery, you can recover the site database server, but the option to recover the site server is disabled. Do I need to uninstall my primary site first?
  7. Yes, I correct all server date and time, also try reboot several time. Util now I found below problems: 2. Management point shows 0 KB on [site status]. 2. If I import a single computer to SCCM, it will not be updated to Devices database. 1. WSUS synchronous failed.
  8. Date and time of Hyper-V host jumped, then Hyper-V sync with the host, so DC and SCCM time are all 3/19/2030. Now I have changed to 11/1/2013. but it is running abnormal.
  9. I encountered a discouraging problem days ago. Some days ago, My SCCM 2012 server was lost power unexpectedly. When power on the system the system date jump to 6/19/2030. How can i re-correct system date and time? Now I manually change date and time, but SCCM server shows inactive in SCCM and SMS_SITE_SYSTEM_STATUS_SUMMARIZER report MP is 0 byte. DC installed on Hyper-V which is guest of SCCM server and integration time service is enabled, so DC and SCCM's date and time are all jumped. How to resume site to normal status?
  10. Hi Niall, The article helps to me, Thank you very much. You are great!!
  11. Hi Niall, I manually import WinPE 5.0 boot image to SCCM 2012 SP1, But client reboot immediately when enter WinPE. Another thing, Enable command support is gray out and can't be enable, Also can't add driver to the image. What's happened?
  12. The problem has been solved, it due to Microsoft updates Kernel-Mode Driver Framework version 1.11 KB2685811. So if applied driver using new framework error occurs. After install this KB OSD succeed. Micorsoft KB article KB2685811
  13. Niall, Thanks! I have try some isolation on my failure. If apply driver package step is disable or change another driver package, TS can succeed. It seems that some drivers casuse the failure, but how do I find out which driver or drivers cause it.
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