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  1. I can do that but not sure production can wait for a solution. This is why I was asking for a solution if anyone had a way of suppressing a faulty kb
  2. Hi, When I perform a cumulative update patching with SCCM How do I suppress a faulty kb after patching is performed and how do I make sure it's never applied the next month? Thanks for your help
  3. Hi guys, I'm trying to perform Windows Updates with SCCM and start batches of patching on a defined schedule. I want to make sure that all updates are downloaded prior to the time patching is triggered. Is there a way to achieve this? For the moment I have an "available" deployment 4 hours before I need to patch ad I trigger manually. 2 ways possible: or schedule a required deployment but then how do I make sure it happens at the schedule time and have a script to trigger the installation but also the reboot and continue applying patches at reboot? Thanks in advance for you help
  4. Nial ... can you explain how to exclude "Internet Explorer 9" or 10. I can't find the syntax to search several words in title. Thanks in advance
  5. ADR works fine but there seems to be an issue with excluding updates. I don't wanna let the Internet Explorer 9 updates. I use the Title=-"Internet Explorer 9" or Title=-Internet Explorer 9 neither one of them work. Some one has an idea on the syntax I should use? I do a work around by setting the custom severity and set it to low for IE9 and on the ADR I ask only for those with custom severity set to NONE. Not really automatic... Works much better in WSUS... Thanks a lot for your help
  6. It seems like there is an issue with the syntax when using filtering on Title. To filter and avoid Internet Explorer 9, the syntax should be: -"Internet Explorer 9". This doesn't work. It works OK for -"x64" to avoid all x64 updates but when used with several words, no. I have read that it's possible to use -%client x64%". Doesn't work if I use it on Internet Explorer 9. I use a workaround by selecting all the updates I don't wish and put themin "Low" criticity and then filter only on "None" but I have to manually check all updates to make sure filters are OK. Not really what I wanna do. Anyone as an idea ? SCCM 2012 only has CU2 but I can't pass the SP1. Thanks in advance
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