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  1. Do you have "Convert list to two digits" = "cscript.exe "%deployroot%\scripts\ZTICoalesce.wsf" /CoalescePattern:Applications /CoalesceTarget:CoalescedApps /CoalesceDigits:2" and "Install Application" = Base Variable Name "COALESCEDAPPS" in your task sequence? In the UDI WIzard, Install Programs Page, "Edit Software Settings", your Task Sequence Software Base Variable should be "COALESCEDAPPS" I had this issue a while back and basically I started the file over and re-added the programs back in and they started to deploy.
  2. Are you using the 8.1 boot disks? If you dont, it will fail after it applies the drivers and boots back into windows and does the client initialization on the "Windows Setup" step.
  3. Hi, Since updating to SP1, I can barely get offline servicing to work to update my images. If I take a 2008 R2 SP1 wim and add it into SCCM, I cant get it to update. I have all of the 2008 R2 updates downloaded into the Software Updates section and in a package. I've tried a bunch of different updates and only a few will go before coming to an error. I have tried selected 10 updates and selected all and it's the same result, but with a different content id. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. I have SCCM 2012 SP1 setup with MDT integration. I have setup the Software Base Variable to Coalescedapps in the UDI properties. I setup the TS to install as shown below, but it just blows by the stage. I took the default Install Applications sequence from the MDT wizard and added a Run Command Line that exports the variables to text file. CONVERT LIST TO TWO DIGITS: "cscript.exe "%deployroot%\scripts\ZTICoalesce.wsf" /CoalescePattern:Applications /CoalesceTarget:CoalescedApps /CoalesceDigits:2" RUN COMMAND LINE: "script.exe %deployroot%\scripts\CUSTOM_SCCMVariables.vbs" INSTALL A
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