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  1. Hi, Are your detection method alright? With MSI Files it's done with the MSI Product Code. For Office for example there is no MSI file. So I check if winword.exe exists in the folder "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Office\Office14" (64bits Windows and Office 2010 x86). Thib
  2. Hi, Is it applications or package that you're trying to install? Do you use a variable to chose your applications or do you manually select them? Do you use an "application task sequence" to install those apps or do you install them in an OSD task sequence? Thib
  3. Hi again! sorry for my long silence,I was out of work for a few months. The link you provided doesn't do the trick ! I tried it yesterday and still the same, the usb stick take the letter D and keep it. I'm still stuck with this and don't know what to do. Does someone has another idea? Thank, Thib
  4. Hi, If what you need is an "unattend" or "sysprep" file, create an unattend.xml (or sysprep.xml) file for W7 and W8. For XP, it must .txt file if I remember well. Create a package with sources but no program and put your file in the sources. Then in the "Apply Operating System" task select your package in "Package". In "File name" put the name of the file in your package, for example : unattend.xml or sysprep.xml Then try it. (don't forget to deploy the package on your DP) Thib
  5. Hi guys, first, thanks for this forum, it's really helpfull and helps me a lot of times. I encouter a problem with the drive letters when i'm deploying Windows 8 with SCCM2012 SP1 (cu1). We didn't have this problem with SCCM 2012 (no service pack). we start the deployment with an usb bootable stick which take the letter D (don't know why it's D ... if someone can explain it, i'll take it.) We want two partitions, C for the system and D for the data but at the end of the installation, we have : C : System D : USB Stick E : Data I already tried to script diskpart post deployment in a startup local strategy. It's working sometimes but not all the time. Anyone has an idea how to fix the drive letter in pe, or during the deployment? Thanks, Thib
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