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  1. sorry for the late response we've been working long nights at this but i think we finally got it working, we are going to test a task sequence tomorrow to see if it works. the only thing im scared of is when i installed the client onto the remote machines in dc and ln the management point was still pointing to my ny server even though we successfully created a distro point on our dc and ln server and pushed content. do you think it will download the content for the task sequence from the home server?
  2. hi great tutorial, my question is we have 2 remote sites one in DC and one in London, i installed a distribution point on each site but when i tried pushing content to our remote site it fails. do i need to create a secondary site in order to store images etc. locally on that site or will a distribution work sufficiently?
  3. Hi, i am running into a major issue with my task sequence. i am trying to deploy a capture and OSD. when i make it required it does not automatically run. it used to in the past but all of sudden it stopped. so i would deploy the task sequence make it required and nothing happens. i would also manually run the machine policy. when i make it available and manually run the machine policy it shows up. has anyone encountered this issue?
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