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  1. is this a package?! shouldn't you get the results from the execmgr.log?
  2. Niall, Great tutorial! quick question: what if the computer is member of two collections (english and french)... What's the end result? computer installs both or just the first? Thanks!
  3. @start /wait %windir%\inst_cap.exe /remove is enough! if C:\Agent exist RD C:\agent /Q /S done!
  4. for the script, I'd use @start /wait on the removal command - so that only when the process is done, the second step starts.
  5. please past here the logs information... ? Without logs we can't help you!
  6. yep.. I read that now! Thank you!
  7. Hi guys https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/configmgrteam/2015/11/20/issue-with-the-windows-adk-for-windows-10-version-1511/ Is the fix for the ADK 10 also applicable to SCCM 2012 with SP2? I'm going to upgrade to SP2: - remove adk 8.1 - install adk10 - restart - apply sp2 - apply CU - done + adk10 hotfix... Thank you!
  8. I think it works everything except the disk. For some reason it didn't work as planned and keeps assigning the driver D... but I'll try to run this on physical workstation and check how it goes...
  9. Good to know! I have that same ADK in my lab! But it works with 10 perfectly...
  10. I think so. refresh machine policy...
  11. I agree. There are ways to force the default PDF be whatever you want... Just find the key...
  12. Got it! I'm going to disable and run again... I'll let you know! Thanks a lot!!
  13. Yes I did! I'm running another test because the image keeps going to drive D for some reason. I guess this is because this is a virtual environment (not physical)... but still.. annoying! oh yeah.. I'm using the install.wim for this... not a reference image... maybe that's the problem I guess...
  14. do you know why the wizard shows to install the system on the drive D? By the way, I used the normal task sequence and changed the method "user driven"... I see the OS available as part of the process. Can I remove this step ? Can you see that in your own steps?
  15. And it worked... BUT... why the hack is the Drive D as primary disk? hmm... It only allows me to select drive D to install... Any ideas?
  16. Now I know what I was doing wrong. This is tricky... but still not loading my UDI Wizard. Should I use the switch /definition:file.xml ? I updated the package where the file is... I was using the default but for some reason it loads the defaults (which wasn't what I configured).
  17. Since there is already a fix for the latest ADK, maybe you should remove that version and install the latest + the fix. Reboot your server and add manually the new boot images, update the DP and you good to go I guess.
  18. But you removed the other groups, right? refresh, etc..
  19. I don't think installing ADK 8.1 will fix anything and I don't think it's recommended to have both ADK installed. You should always have only one (the latest)...
  20. Can you please tell me the steps or changes you made in the configuration? Please look at my post... I did exactly as described in the Niall step by step and I have the screens I mention in my post. I really appreciate any guidance! By the way... what's your ADK version...
  21. I'm want to make a new task sequence to OSD, without MDT, but I wanna to avoid to have too many task sequence. Problem: each department has his own software but sometimes they are common in other departments. And then I have the OU's for each department. I'm going to try something like this: Goal: one single task sequence, instead of having 10 or 20... For software: declare a variable in a collection where that variable is something like "BundleSoftware_1 = true". In the task sequence, if this variable is true, then install the applications bundle; For OU's, I would do the same. A will declare the same variable for several collection (department A, department B, department C, etc). If variable = RH, then would match the step where it registers the computer in RH OU. I never did this, but I would like to know if anyone has setup something like this. Any other ideas would be great! Thanks in advanced!
  22. maybe.. but whats the order to install the applications? in the ts... try to install the adobe reader at last....
  23. Did you create the adobe reader customization wizard? If not, you can set the adobe as "default" reader. I use Applications instead package and works fine. let me know...
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