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  1. true, I know. But when you are deploying a new version and you're replacing the old version (supersede) then it will remove and install the new version - I assume... (assuming that we create a relation between both applications and retire the old application) ? But also, each MSI has it own key product, correct? So if I install a new version, the key product will be different - I also assume? If for some reason I'm not using MSI and I've to lookup for files that can tell me the right version of the product, I would test the DLL or EXE for each version and compare on each side...
  2. I would guess that maybe the PXE is missing the boot images... At least wait until you have the boot images and distributed them. Let us know what errors are you having with the import
  3. Well... ok... Make it "application abc version 1" installed using Script instead of MSI... this app doesn't have any auto updates... the question is the same!
  4. Hi all, Doubt: deploying an application that already exists in your workplace (let's say Google Chrome) and now you've to deploy a new version BUT, like I said, the application already exists in your workplace and it wasn't deployed in the past by CM. If I deploy an application that already exists, will the agent remove and install this new version or in the detection method I've to add additional methods (like file versions or something else) to make sure the application is installed? example: google chrome version 44 and now you need to install the 46. Thank you all!
  5. If you have installed a new ADK, yes you've to recreate MDT boot images. And yet, you can still used the old ones, but I'm pretty sure that if you try to used them with Windows 10, the TS will fail. The current Tasks Sequence will continue to work as they are. If you add a new TS to build and capture or to install Win10 image, then you have to use a boot image from the ADK10 and not from the old. Got it?
  6. Hi Chris, I think it'll depend in the order how you install things. I've done like this and didn't had any issues, nor have to add the boot images manually or change PXE settings: - remove adk 8 and install adk 10 rtm - install CM SP1/CUxx - Restart server Doing like this, the upgrade package should add automatically the boot images and you shouldn't have any problems. Nevertheless, I've read in some forums where something went wrong and people had to add manually the boot image, change PXE, etc. But keep it simple like this and you should be fine! Regarding MDT I think you need to recreate the images (using the MDT to create a new boot image, new packages and settings). Don't forget to distribute the content. P.s. use ADK 10 RTM and not 10.0.10586.0
  7. Just looks like the download was interrupted... it looks like that but not sure... does this happens every time?
  8. I think what he is trying to ask if there is any parameter to be used in the client installation for that site... like SMSSITECODE=abc
  9. https://www.windows-noob.com/forums/topic/8846-how-can-i-pause-a-task-sequence-in-system-center-2012-configuration-manager/ Here is how you can pause. What I meant was... if you have a installer that accepts silent installation, you can always run it as a package instead.
  10. install the ADK RTM, otherwise you will get into a lot of problems. Regarding the point 4, I guess you have to create new boot images, packages and settings. issues with ADK: https://www.windows-noob.com/forums/topic/13626-sccm-lab-build-and-capture-on-vmware/ read the last post... Issues with build and capture (workaround): https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/46052503-6954-4058-b17b-08499e1e0263/client-will-not-initialise?forum=ConfigMgrCBOSD Have fun!
  11. One or more packages are missing in your DP for the TS that you are running. Can you publish the logs? and can you open the CM console, open the task sequences, select that TS, check the reference TAB and make sure you see 100% for each package/content that you are using in that TS, otherwise it will fail at this stage.
  12. What I meant was... Don't redistribute content many times, because the packages or programs will be distributed to your DPs and sites... (unless you really need it... ) If you start a TS and the content is already distributed in all sites, then the traffic that you will see between your client (that is running the TS) is connecting to your MP and Primary site.... You can always schedule the moment that your DPs can distribute the content and I think you can also create priorities: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg712321.aspx Have a nice weekend!
  13. does the driver have a installer ? Like a MSI ? You can always create a package with that installer and run it after the agent is installed. That's another approach to the issue..
  14. I had my first OSD with windows 10 and I was surprised.... I only make sure I added drivers like NIC, Wifi and bluetooth... After windows 10 starts, it'll update all drivers automatically... However, are all the computers the same model ?!
  15. Hi Bzowk What MSFT recommends is the following: - if you have a remote site where you have to control your network bandwidth, then a secondary-site might be a good solution; for reading: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg712320.aspx If you have a DP in each site, and all data is replicated, you shouldn't have a problem. Make sure you don't "distribute content"
  16. Sorry, I meant: Administration - Site configuration - Sites (select the site) button "Status Summarizers" I guess there you can short howlong will take to sum your deployments.
  17. Administration - Site - Status Summarizes But you can always run manually for the deployment that you really need. Do you now see more results ?!
  18. I good one is..: - updates are installed only during maintenance window; - reboot is suppress; - pop-up message 60 minutes (configured in the agent settings (restart)); But of course this also depends on the risk and importance of each department. For low-risk areas/departments: - updates are installed at the deadline; - reboot is not suppress; - pop-up messages to restart in 90 min (check the agent configuration again and maybe create a different policy for low-risk devices); but again... it all depends on your requirements and what is defined as patch plan (written and communicate)
  19. Driver-signing policy cannot be configured on this operating system. An administrator must always authorize the installation of unsigned drivers or a driver from a publisher that is not yet trusted. OSDDriverClient 2/9/2016 9:29:16 PM 1444 (0x05A4) Doesn't this means that you have allow unattended installation for unsigned drivers?! I would suggest to install the driver as a package program... But that's me!
  20. use the monitoring, deployments run summarization for that deployment. However, you should consult the execmgr.log and troubleshoot if there are any issues with that package! Check if you don't have maintenance windows set for some of the computers, otherwise the packages/applications won't run p.s. look at the "maximum time" that the program or application can run, otherwise it can conflict with your maintenance window!
  21. isn't there a problem with that ADK 10 ?! I had so many issues with this ADK10 (10.0.10586.0)... Anyweb, or this is only with CM151!?
  22. Oh jesus!!! One day I'll be bald... this is a huge time consuming just for small bugs in the CM1511... At least I learn for myself that ccmrepair during the TS resolves the issue or if you capture the image manually (using your guide step by step) the bug is not there and the image works perfectly! Thanks again Niall!
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