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  1. Are you using the 1511? did you install this update? https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3095113
  2. retype your password?! If the domain join failed, looks permissions. But why don't you share a log?!
  3. the TS is running under SYSTEM account, therefore doesn't have access to that share folder. You need to change that step to run under a specific account (like a service account or your personal account). Let us know how it goes...
  4. Just for curiosity, but has everyone the same issue when CU2 is installed?
  5. then look into the logs for troubleshooting if you have the classes selected and some computers are inventoried and some aren't, just have a look into the logs.
  6. what is the UNC folder? is has to be a network path... \\server\configmgr\images\windows10RTM.wim
  7. yes they do. you can change the schedule in the client configuration (administration). when you trigger the cycle it will run at that moment.
  8. use the install.wim to create the task sequence that will build and capture. then you import the new wim and you are done.
  9. run the software inventory cycle on the computers, check the logs; hmm... I think I would start from there. It can take a while to have a nice report. By the way, there is one nice report concerning asset intelligence that shows all microsoft products by sales channel. I don't have that report number but I'll let you know tomorrow!
  10. Don't forget - if you updated your adk you should have update the task sequence boot images and distribute - otherwise it will never start because there is no policy available for that computer. Second, next time if you have issues with your PXE, and you see that everything is correctly configured in your environment (boot image distributed, task sequence have a boot image, etc), just remove the pxe configuration from the DP (check the logs until you see that it was removed successfully) and add the same configuration again.
  11. Regarding the SQL, did you check if there are any limits concerning the database growth and transaction logs growth...
  12. What is the image selected in the task sequence? Can you show the content reference ?
  13. You should always use the FQDN for the sources packages/applications. Nevertheless, do you have more domains in your forest?
  14. to run now, it must be set as required. on the schedule, set option to run As Soon as Possible. Keep in mind that workstations must refresh machine policy to run that package, which is something that you might run manually using "right clicks" or you can wait for client policy to refresh.
  15. and also, review all the maximum time applications and package can run, otherwise they will mostly not run at all if they hit your MW. Example: if your package/application can have a maximum 120min and your MW will start in the next 90 min, then that package or application will mostly not run.
  16. But by the way, which one do you use? Do you know any better one? Please share it !
  17. Hi GarthMJ I've already fixed my problem. There was a directory in my home folder with the settings of the rights click tools. I've rename this folder and everything is working fine. The issue just came acrossed after I request a reboot on a client, which cause the "Right click tools" to ask me for the directory where pstools were. Anyway, I'm using this one: http://www.nowmicro.com/recast/
  18. A good practice regarding maintenance window is to create a collection where you assign all the maintenance window. if you have several, or different ones, then you have to have several collections each with specific maintenance window. keep in mind that during that time computers will not run anything. I wouldn't create a collection where I define a deployment and a maintenance window... but that's me... p.s. there is no relation between a collection where you define a program to run and a maintenance window. the maintenance window will applied to any application or package that you deploy using other collections.
  19. Hi all does anyone had this error before? Error - it could not find . online error message: exception calling calling "send" with "1" argument(s): An exception occurred during a Ping request. This is the version 2.4. This error popups just for anything, like refresh machine policy. Does anyone has any ideas for this?
  20. Yeah, but you are right... as an application (even with script) it doesn't work correctly. Sometimes works, sometimes doesn't... not worth it! Package it works... it's a shame because it's one of those cases that you could use the dependencies to install an application.
  21. I'm using this command: "NDP452-KB2901907-x86-x64-AllOS-ENU.exe" /q /norestart I can also create a script (like start /wait "NDP452-KB2901907-x86-x64-AllOS-ENU.exe" /q /norestart) and see how it goes.
  22. So a simply command but instead of application, do it as a package... correct?
  23. Hi all, I'm deploying an application that requires .NET 4.5.2. I've created a application called ".NET framework 4.5.2" and the application called "Application X". The Application X has a dependency on .NET framework 4.5.2. Basically before starts installing the application X, first installs the framework. In one client I had this message: Waiting for process 9540 to finish. Timeout = 30 minutes. AppEnforce 09.03.2016 15:46:25 7388 (0x1CDC) Process 9540 terminated with exitcode: 16389 AppEnforce 09.03.2016 15:46:26 7388 (0x1CDC) Looking for exit code 16389 in exit codes table... AppEnforce 09.03.2016 15:46:26 7388 (0x1CDC) Unmatched exit code (16389) is considered an execution failure. AppEnforce 09.03.2016 15:46:26 7388 (0x1CDC) Has anyone deployed applications with dependencies and if so, framework 4.5.2? I see other people with similar issues. Thank you in advanced!
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