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  1. hi I have scom 2012 installed and I installed agent on multiple servers such as sql server 2008 2012 2014 . it was working fine and monitored all servers .bu today I just saw that sql server 2012 monitoring dashboard is all grayed I waited for a while but nothing happens .I Installed agents again on that server .but nothing is showing in dashboard .the agent is showing healthy .and I can see the server computer in my console ,but not in sql 2012 instance summary and database engines. please help me .thanks a millions
  2. hi I have a windows server 2008r2 as a event collector and a few other server asevent forwarder .I don have enough space on collector .so I decided to change the location of forwarded event to other server with enough disk space . but the problem is here that I could not change the forwarded event file Path.I need to store the ForwardedEvent to a share folder on other machine . is it possible to store ForwardedEvent on other machin using UNC path in Event viewer->Windowslogs->forwardedEvent->properties ???
  3. I was looking for a folder that have large size in my c drive .soddenly I've found ccmchache folder with 5GB .I change the cache size on clients nicely to 500 MB. but after a week that sccm wanted to install update on clients I faced with too many updates about 50 Updates that should be installed .I let them install .after restarting windows I saw some of the Update hasn't be installed . on the other hand some of updates that I had defined to be required to install and I expect them install automatically But some of them become an available update and waiting for user approve to install .
  4. hi I have installed SCCM 2012 r2 with two servers .A site server and a database server .I enabled software metering on client settings and software and hard ware inventory .But I ve got a problem that sccm doesn't create software metering rules automatically .I had already enabled Automatic create software metering rule on SMW properties . But no luck yet. when I create a rule manually It works fine but Its not working automatically .
  5. sorry because of my writing fault in my question .I correct that .
  6. hi I have a scom2012 r2 installed and exchange 2013 management pack imported .after installing agent on the exchange server agent , scom discovered components and .... . accourding to this article I've realized that I should change StorageLogicalDriveSpaceMonitor threshold , so I did that . But it doesnt show me mailbox database size as it was showing at the beginning of installing exchange mp . at first it was showing exchange mailbox count .but Now its not . whats the solution ?
  7. hi I wanna Monitor Files and Folders in my servers using scom2012r2 .I searched alot and found FileSystem Management Pack that let us monitor files and folder and share files . But thats not working fine . Is there any other solution and document except the document that there is along Filesystem management pack ?or some guidance ?because that is for scom 2007 . thanks a million
  8. I've already checked them .the Updates are on Missing state in UpdatesStore.log file.
  9. this is wuahandler.log in one of my clients CWuaHandler::SetCategoriesForStateReportingExclusion called with E0789628-CE08-4437-BE74-2495B842F43B;E0789628-CE08-4437-BE74-2495B842F43B,A38C835C-2950-4E87-86CC-6911A52C34A3; for leaves and E0789628-CE08-4437-BE74-2495B842F43B,A38C835C-2950-4E87-86CC-6911A52C34A3; for bundles WUAHandler 12/24/2014 11:01:49 AM 2200 (0x0898) Its a WSUS Update Source type ({C3BED733-3C23-493F-89E8-8450E7DB0F2F}), adding it. WUAHandler 12/24/2014 11:18:58 AM 3236 (0x0CA4) Unable to find or read WUA Managed server policy. WUAHandler 12/24/2014 11:18:59 AM 1148
  10. hi I have a sharepoint server that sharepoint 2013 has installed on that .my Update server is sccm 2012 r2 and I checked all office 2003,2007,2010,2013 product to be synchronized .every thing is good sccm work fine in synchronizing update with Microsoft.and the share point server OS gets Updates finely .But the Problem is here that share point service doesn't get any updates .all updates deployed to OS except share Point updates. whats the solution ? thanx
  11. Hi I have a net work with 100 server and about 700 clients .I recently decided to Install SCOM2012 r2 in order to monitoring my network . Retention of data is so important for me .But it depends on the data that collect in scom DB . I wanted to know that how data WareHouse and Operational DB stores data .I mean Analyzed data or just not processed data are stored in DB?
  12. I checked the client log file and found some issues .I attached those files . note : Don't consider ClientId .I changed them ccmEval: VistaOrAbove, register a task to register idle task every period CcmEvalTask 11/26/2014 11:58:31 AM 2472 (0x09A8) Register evaluation CUpdateSchedTask with ExecuteTaskOnInterval CcmEvalTask 11/26/2014 11:58:31 AM 2472 (0x09A8) CRegisterIdleTask m_spTask is null CcmEvalTask 11/26/2014 11:58:31 AM 2472 (0x09A8) Register evaluation CUpdateSchedTask with ExecuteTaskOnSystemIdle CcmEvalTask 11/26/2014 11:58:31 AM 2472 (0x09A8) Could not load logging conf
  13. I triggered the client action but it takes too ling to get Updates .now after 4 hours it doesnt get any updates .whats the solution .on the other hand is this process usual !!?
  14. Hi I have sccm 2012r2 server and about 500 client computer .I don't have any problem with client installation But when client installation complete. It takes long time to get update that are deployed to them .may be one day it takes some times. In the sccm console every thing is showing good just client check result is no result . Is there any solution to make this process faster .??
  15. I tried to install sccm client to systems using site-wide automatically .but after a much time waiting It doesn't work and now I have to use push installation .that's OK .but its a little slow to check for updates .whats the solution in order to updating systems as fast as possible.?
  16. hi I created automatic update rule in my software library .My rules are based on products .at the end I have 32 automatic Update rules after running them now I have 32 software update group .all schedule for rules are set at for example Thursday at 7 pm . the first question : Is this configuration suitable? and the second is that when some updates become expired or superseded the whole software update group become expired or supersede and those groups could not deploy any more . I searched the net and found some script to automatically remove expired and supersede updates . t
  17. I have a primary site server and some client that was installed during client push installation . but just now I swa that one of my client is not getting policy from site server .I ran client notification and client download policy .after a while it says the client is offline . How can I make that online again?
  18. Hi recently I see that some of software updates are expired .that's usual .but they are member of groups,so their group are are shown as expired group.what's the solution ?for example there are 100 software updates that only 5 of them are expired .but in this circumstances the whole group is expired. is there any solution to clean software update groups from expired updates ?I'm using auto deployment rules. thanks
  19. hi I want to push configmgr client to my network .but some of them return error that "Unable to connect to wmi on remote machine error code 0x80041002".I searched a lot on internet ,but I wanna a solution except rebuilding wmi repository . thanks
  20. Hi in system center data protection manager I was looking for a way to define several protection group (job) for several folders in a drive D for example . let's say that I have a drive in my data source that included several folder.I want to create different schedule and backup settings for each one of them .Is this Possible ? thanks
  21. Hi I was working with SCDPM 2012 r2 that I realized that we need to add a specified unallocated disk to storage pool in order to store backup. But the Question that pupped into my mind was that why there isn't any option to store protected data in shared folder in network or other location with network path . thanks.
  22. I've read that DPM could protect windows server and client os .but I didnt find any source to see how it does windows server protection .I've wonder if some one show me how to protect windows server .I mean the Operating system. thanks a million
  23. Hi as u know compression in the backup server is a very heavy process so I wanted to know that how dpm compresses data ,it compresses data on data source system or in dpm server .?where is compression load ?data source side or server side?
  24. Hi I'm new in SCDPM .I want to know that how to backup end user data at first.and my other question is that can dpm create an image of server or client os(a real image of os) ? thanks a million .
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