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  1. Thats what I thought but the registry returns the correct location of the logs. If the DB has been restored do I have to run the setup form DVD and repair site with recovered DB option? (sorry for hijacking post but got to a point now were I am struggling) Regards Richard
  2. Hi, my SMS provider had major meltdown after WSUS setup, this was resolved and is now working ok (ish)......... APART from the Logs C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Logs are not actually logging anymore!!!! I have made changes to the system as in set up new SMS provider and setup reporting but NON of the logs have updated since config manager had a melt down (1 week ago) Any advise?? Regards Richard
  3. Hello, I have been trying to find clarification for issue and hopefully you will be able to help. We are currently running DPM 2012 4.0 (nonSP1) and are wanting to upgrade to SP1 due to SQL2012 incompatibility. We have 22 protected agents and have read on all the technets and forums that after upgrade to SP1 all agents need to be upgraded. We have a number of critical boxes that cannot be without backup for period of time and devices that cannot be re-booted without scheduled downtime (lot of notice required) Hope you can help with my questions and if you have any questions you can email me directly. My questions are: Will DPM continue to protect a device without having to upgrade the agent? Can I install the SP1 agent before the upgrade of DPM and still be protected by no SP1 DPM (backwards compatibility)?? Do all the Agents have to be rebooted after the agent install or can this be done in our own time?? Thank you in advance Regards Richard Booth RichardDBooth@gmail.com
  4. Hi, Apologies for hijacking this post but I am also struggling to find the right collection design for our organisation. We are a large college in the UK with over 3000 devices spread over different sites. I was hoping that I could setup the device collection flowing top to bottom based on the hierarchy: Site Block Floor Classroom I was thinking about a folder structure each containing collections for the above design. Is this possible and would anyone know of a better way than what I have described. Sorry about the confusing post but I am struggling to find a definitive answer anywhere. I want to make sure our design is done correctly and efficiently from the start.
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