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  1. yes it is but i installed WSUS after installing SCCM btw i restarted the service and the error dissappeared is that ok ?
  2. im double clicking that folder and its not showing anything ? how can i see the content in it ?
  3. hey folks im facing 2 errors with WSUS component SMS WSUS Configuration Manager failed to configure proxy settings on WSUS Server "SCCM". Possible cause: WSUS Server version 3.0 SP1 and above is not installed or cannot be contacted. Solution: Verify that the WSUS Server version 3.0 SP1 or greater is installed. Verify that the IIS ports configured in SMS are same as those configured on the WSUS IIS website.You can receive failure because proxy is set but proxy name is not specified or proxy server port is invalid. Failures were reported on WSUS Server "SCCM" for WSUS components "WSUSService,". Solution: Verify that the failed WSUS components are installed and running. any idea whats the problem ?
  4. i see well i have now after a while 2 objects SMS-MP-VVV-SCCM SMS-SLP-VVV-SCCM but they are empty so far , is that ok ? will i give it more time thanks for your help as usual anyweb
  5. hi folks i tried creating this container but it didnt show any objects inside it , any clue please ? plus is it possible to explain for me whats the need of this container ? thanks in advance
  6. thanks alot man ya sure ill notice if there is any unusal activites
  7. hey im interested to include me in , im an admin in this site : www.certcollection.org/forum
  8. look awesome , looking forward for your upcoming articles
  9. ill give a try in a couple of days as i have a plane to catch ill update the situation soon thanks for your help in advance PS : this site is awesome !! keep the great job dude
  10. for the 1st question 1) i checked the process and nth appears at all as i didnt even initiate the instalation of the client 2) yes its included in the boundry that i create based on IP , do you want me to create it based on sites ? donno i gave up
  11. from all system collection , right click on any client then install client
  12. anyweb , i think bits isnt installed on the client , im using xp pro sp3 , does it come by default with bits installed ?
  13. tell me what info u want and i can provide it for u firewall is disabled , im currently not at the office but once im there i can pull u moe info if u like just to avoid this prob as all the other features are working smoothly but the push installation itself cant be done in an automated way so far
  14. thanks tobie but i already checked that link with no help
  15. update : the client appeared in the config console after doing a manual restart for the client ( is that necessary ? how can i fasten the issue ) but even if installed the client manually its showing not approved why ? how to auto approve it although i configured that in the site settings so i have 2 probs now : 1) how to make the push installation work smoothly 2) how to auto approve those clients ! thanks
  16. update : i can install it manually butits not showing from sccm server side that the client has the installation ( does it take alot of time t reflect the update ??? ) and of course i cant install it using push installation im using enterprise admin account for all the permissions needed to be specified as im using sccm in a test environment so far before i go to the deployment network thanks PS : anyweb your tutorials are just awesome edit: is that why YOU and your friends ripped them all off and placed them on certcollection.org??
  17. hi folks to be honest im trying the best to avoid this problem but with no luck i worked based on anyweb topics in installing SCCM 2007 , i did all the configurations based on the 3 parts he explained in the section setup sccm 2007 , now im in a process of installing the sccm client on an xp computer using push installation but its not installing i tried to check if there are any icons created in contol panel on the client side but nothing is there , ichecked if there is any folder to fetch the logs on the client side under C:\WINDOWS\system32\ccmsetup but there isnt any folder created !!! i checked C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Logs\ccm.log on the sccm server and this is what i found : ( attached ) how can i successfully push to all my clients the sccm agent as we have here over 2000 clients and ofcourse i cant do that manually any help would be highly appreciated thanks in advance ccm.log
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