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  1. Just a rapid answer: there's a way to exclude, you can use collections or OUs if i remember.. So VDIs are in a seperate OU ?
  2. Strange...You can see applied GPPs using the Group Policy Results Wizard in GPMC. Can you retry after making "gpupdate /force" on the client ?? maybe a sycnhro issue ?? if you try " gpresult.exe /v >> verbose_out.txt" or "gpresult.exe /Z >> zuperverbose_out.txt" on client after "gpupdate /force" ??
  3. when using OCT did you specify licensing option ? MAK or KMS ...
  4. ?? Sorry but these are not really apps... Can you explain a little bit more ?? Wanna just install them locally on a Windows server which has XenApp layer (VDA) ?? If so, yes, just make 4 packages in SCCM and then deploy on your XenApp or XenDesktop Server(s) .. Can hehp if you need more info...
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