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  1. Hi Peter, I check the polling schedule on all the discovery methods that have been configured and found full discovery had been set to 7 days, with delta discovery set at 5 minutes. I changed the full discovery to 1 day and checked back this morning to find there was no error now running a full discovery must have refreshed the site Richard
  2. Hi, I'm getting error ID 5354 on component SMS_AD_SECURITY_GROUP_DISCOVERY_AGENT with description: Error Milestone PRI 02/10/2015 13:20:02 <PRI SITE SERVER> SMS_AD_SECURITY_GROUP_DISCOVERY_AGENT 5354 Active Directory Security Group Discovery Agent failed to bind to container LDAP://OU=TESTACCOUNTS,OU=USERS,DC=AD. Error: There is no such object on the server. -- Extended Error --- LDAP Provider : 0000208D: NameErr: DSID-03100238, problem 2001 (NO_OBJECT), data 0, best match of: 'OU=Users,DC=ad' . Possible cause: The AD container specified earlier might be invalid now. The Doma
  3. Have you checked your Discovery Methods under Administration -> Overview -> Hierarchy Configuration -> Discovery Methods -> Active Directory System Discovery
  4. Just thought I'd share a script I wrote this morning. I currently have a task sequence that builds various devices and takes the OSDComputerName variable from the Asset Tag BIOS field. The Surface Pro 3 works a little different, in that you can't set this field directly from the BIOS, you need to set it using a CLI utility (available here - http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=44076).This usually means booting a brand new device, going through the OOBE stuff, running the CLI utility, then restarting into PXE and continuing with imaging as normal. The below .vbs script first
  5. Whereabouts in your task sequence are you trying to set OSDComputeName? My sequence goes: partition disk -> Apply OS -> OSDComputerName -> Drivers -> windows settings -> network settings -> Setup Windows and Configuration Manager. I use a script to pull the name from the BIOS AssetTag field (or the serial number) which is over 8 characters and have no issues. The only thing to bear in mind is, if your domain joining the device the name needs to be under 15 characters - https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/909264
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