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  1. Sorry. Didn't even see your reply. Yes both are distributed. Every machine except the HP 430 G4 has worked here in both modes. I've had a case open with HP for 2 months now trying to figure this out. I really don't think it's a problem with our ConfigMgr setup. I'll try keep this updated in case anyone else has this problem.
  2. Hi Guys, I'm unable to PXE boot a HP 430 G4 in UEFI mode here. All other laptops here work on UEFI mode and legacy. The HP 430 G4 will boot in legacy mode. I have injected the network drivers into the boot image which were missing initially and can confirm they work as I have booted in legacy mode and also from a USB bootable media and both pick up the network fine. When pressing F12 I get Starting PXE over IPv4 for about 5-10 seconds and then back to bios menu. It happens for known and unknown computers of this model as I tried adding it in manually to make it known. I've tried creating a new boot image with the drivers. Same results. Using ip-helpers. Everything definitely distributed. I'm stuck here. We have 385 of these to image and I don't want to have to change BIOS settings on each one. Any help would be appreciated. SMSPXE Log only shows this:
  3. Has anyone else had a problem with this lately? Since updating to 5.00.8355.1306 this doesn't work for us any more. I can't see any errors though. Where should I be looking?
  4. Ah so you meant Deployment Type here, not Application? So then manually change the software version each time on the Application? That's very similar to what I'm doing now except I'm then deleting the old Deployment Type instead of superseding. Is this really what is suggested by Microsoft?
  5. I have been unable to update my default boot images since updating. I think it's because of a driver but I've removed the driver from SCCM since and it must be still wanting it. I have no idea what it wants. I've been trying to find a way to tell it to just skip the bloody driver but nothing seems to work for me.
  6. Does that mean you put the version number in the application name? I was really trying to avoid that, just for neatness.
  7. Thanks for you help. All required software is deployed as part of the initial task sequence that we image with so everything else is optional. I did think of this way but I also wanted to keep the Application name simple and use the version field to specify the version. With the way you've stated I would need to call the Application's Chrome 46 and Chome 48, correct? At the moment I've been creating a new deployment type, changing the version in the application properties and then deleting the old deployment type, then selecting Update Content on the new deployment type.
  8. Hi All, I'm pretty new to ConfigMgr and I'm just wondering how you guys handle updated applications. For example if there is a new version of say, Chrome. How do you handle that? Pretty much all of my deployments are Available as we are using Software Centre as a self service portal. Thanks, Rob
  9. We have the same problem. If I'm downloading from WSUS nothing shows. If I take the computer out of the OU for WSUS I get it straight away. Would love to see if anyone knows what update puts this in for Australia. EDIT: Think I found the problem. We didn't have Features On-Demand downloading in WSUS. Trying that out now. Also found this: http://happysccm.com/Hey-Cortana-add-speech-packs-osd to put them in manually if you like.
  10. For what it's worth we have heaps of x240's here and they seem to work fine. I didn't even inject any drivers in to the boot image.
  11. I seem to have made progress, in a roundabout way. I was trying an existing image we have but now I'm using a completely fresh Windows 7 install and everything seems to be going fine. I've wiped the machine in question now but I can tell you that I did not have a system32\ccm or syswow64\ccm directory at that point. Out of all those places I only had the log I attached which was in C:\_SMSTaskSequence\Logs\SMSTSLog\smsts.log. Thanks for your time anyway guys.
  12. Hoping to get some help here from a sccm noob. We have sccm 2012 installed and all up to date, thanks to the guides here Task sequences just won't finish. I've checked the logs and nothing major seems to stop it. (maybe I'm blind) The image deploys fine but the client never installs and then no other jobs afterwards install. I've attached the smsts log. I do notice this: Unsuccessful in releasing P0100016. 80070490. OSDSetupWindows 24/08/2015 12:02:21 PM 1436 (0x059C) Which seems to cause the .wim to stay in C:\_SMS.... Not sure if that's related to the rest of my issues or not. Any help will be greatly appreciated. smsts.log
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