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  1. iop, I would recommend you start using MDT as it gives you more options and a better interface, it's the way forward and it will make your deployments much easier to manage.
  2. This is good to know as we are about to deploy HP 8200 SSF PC's.... I will have to get a copy of W8 pre-release...
  3. We have a similar set up, where we have V-lans in place. Our current WDS server has two network cards, one for each V-lan and we have not had a problem with it.
  4. Looks like there has been no reply to this thread, has this been resolved?
  5. If I remember correctly, KMS should only be deployed for large organisations, while MAK for smaller ones that will not reach the 25 threshold.
  6. I know this is an old thread, but was this issue resolved by applying the fix?? or did you use something else.
  7. We are having similar issues with CCMsetup not installing on some PC's while it installs happily on others, there seems to be some inconsistency here as we have deployed the same image on all the same spec machines. I am not sure if this is related. We have tried all the suggestions from various forums, but with very little success. Our deployment varies in that we use WDS\MDT to push out our images, we are just starting to use SCCM.
  8. Thanks for all the replys, it will certainly help with any future deployment strategies we employ, and it's given me some food for thought!
  9. I think we may have to look at that option (base image then use task sequence for everything) we are looking at using SCCM 2010 for all our future deployments and software updates... but I think you have answered my initial question anyway about how long things should take
  10. Hi, I spoke to the tech who set this up, they haven't used any task sequence, what they did was do an image with everything on it and deploy it, basically a wim file with all the drivers and applications on it. I was always under the impression that when imaging you install OS then use task sequence to load all the other software, or is this wrong???... Confused!!!
  11. Hi, just rechecked this, and it appears the both the MAK for windows and office still do not appear. When you say that office needs to be activiated, as far as i am aware this is done on the image that we capture, or are we missing a step here. How did you get your Windows MAK to stick???
  12. Can someone tell me how fast or quick should it be to capture an image using MDT2010. Currently it takes over an hour to do this. This is not a basic image, but all the software that we use too. Its interesting to note that some people have said it only takes between 15-20 minutes... if this is possible how can I do this. Some background information: we use 2 vlans, one for staff and one for students. Staff can get on to the student vlan, but students can not get on to staff vlan. we use a proxy server to access the internet and also have a firewall. currently we have about 1800 machines on our system. we have AD, DHCP and DNS. we also use KMS to license windows 7 and office 2010.
  13. This is a strange one, we have created an image with office 2010 with MAK license, but when the image is created it has been removed... any ideas??? The strange thing is that the windows image also has a MAK licence and this works fine....
  14. Okay I found this solution that worked, ......... http://itbloggen.se/cs/blogs/micke/archive/2011/01/26/password-or-pin-code-protect-mdt-2010-litetouch.aspx
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