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  1. Hi Garth, thanks for the Bite , the exe file is on average updated every few weeks. im not sure what you mean by force it to upgrade? the 2nd bit, perhaps that's too often, if they log on and its not up to date they are unable to do any work... so not sure how often would be best to be on the quickest but also not hammering the sccm server for application checks? thanks again
  2. Hi all, finally going to deploy my first app to a live team, just wanted your thoughts on my thought process on how best to do this! the program often (fortnightly mostly) gets an updated .EXE file with a new version number. no other files in the program files directory change. i would like to run a required app deployment with a bat file that runs if the version number is not the latest. user A checks software center for updated app and runs the program to update it. program now up to date with latest version. as they use this straight away when they log on, i will set a custom settings on this group to check for deployments every 10 or so mins (25 users). when the new version is available, remove the deployment and then re-deploy with the new version number. does that sound like its good practice? thanks
  3. MDT just creates a boot image, you need some way of deploying to the estate, WDS is usually used but again it doesn't AFAIK have a "push" type feature. Perhaps look into Landesk/Sccm ?
  4. How funny, i wasn't even aware of the application catalog! i have added to the SCCM server and ta-da the user deployments appear there! why do they not appear in the software center application on the clients pc? is there a way to change the location it appears or is it deployed like: Device deployment software - appears in "software center" application user software deployment - appears in application catalog is that correct? P.S thank you for the help!
  5. Hi Guys, i can happily deploy programs/packages to Devices but when i do anything to a user collection nothing appears in the software center. when i deploy i am selecting "Install" and "available". in User experience: display in software center and show all notifications". i have downloaded both computer policy and user policy manually but still not appearing whilst a device deployment i did at the same time has appeared as available app and installed no problem! just a note that when i deploy to user, i select "install for system", and " weather or not a user is logged on" as the user does not have admin rights and is required for this app. any ideas please? cant work this one out!
  6. hi all, im currently running System center 2012 SP2 have noticed CB 1702 and would like to upgrade to this - do i have to pay to upgrade to this version? i cant work out if its a new version or a free update!
  7. does the scope for the collection include the workstation? i had this issue when the scope was for "workstations" and not the "all workstations" for our site.
  8. Hi guys, I have been looking into server patching with SCCM and have changed the process due to some interesting reading about patches and how of course bad patches are more likely to bring the systems down than the issue itself. SCCM patching cycle for Servers I just wanted to get everyone opinion on how its currently setup. SCCM server is currently patching 15 servers and have changed the update process to: Software update point checks for patches daily at 10pm Server ADR evaluation checks on day 21 each month (after patch Tuesday patches are released) ADR deployment available time is set for 3 weeks , this is to ensure any dodgy patches are not deployed before they are superseded/deleted. the server maintenance window is set to the 25th of each month, so as it stands any patches released in May will be patched at the end of next month. this should prevent any patch problems being a month behind. how does this look? many thanks
  9. Hi all, i know this may sound silly, but google has not really helped me on this error. im trying to run an application deployment for a .BAT file that installs fonts. google says you should change the settings to run as user and when user logged on, but alot of users are not able to run this file to install fonts as they do not have admin rights. i need to use an admin account in SCCM accounts to push this install to work. what setting have i got wrong here?
  10. Hi all, i have been told they do not want any software updates via SCCM to desktop workstations and just to Server locations. my company however are happy to have the client on workstations for app deployment and inventorying etc. im not sure if this is possible as when the client is installed on a desktop workstation it changes the windows update location to the SCCM server in local group policy, im unable to remove the software update point as this will be used to update servers. is there a way to install a client on workstation and leave thew windows update settings as they are?
  11. im no expert but my route was it depends if its an exe or MSI, run the file in CMD and use a /? to find out the commands for a silent install. are there any configurable options you need to change settings on during install?
  12. Hi Peter, thank you for the reply, helpful! so from the screenshot it will do status messages every 14 days and realize it has no client, then remove after 31 days? is there a way to manually run a heartbeat perhaps and update the client on SCCM?
  13. Good point i guess, i just had it that it would be possible to use a local admin account for deployment on all machines to prevent a incorrect password being a reason it doesn't deploy in future.
  14. Thats fair enough, but if the account has an non expiring password and is on the domain - this would break our IT policy here at the company... i guess i will have to use my own admin account and other admin accounts as backup if one expires..as this is governed by higher ups that will not allow a "machine" admin account
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