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  1. Hi Layla, I think your questions are for Niall, the script has been developed by Niall, however in answer to your questions: 1. I believe you can manage Pro as well. 2. Niall's script will automate the bitlocker encryption and write recovery keys to AAD and OneDrive., It does not use the prompt that you refer to. Niall is still developing his script, you can get the original (for standard user) from the Windows Noob link on page 1. Thanks
  2. No modification, delivered via intune, user logs on and is a standard user (autopilot). I manually changed the time on the task so it ran but didn't receive a prompt.
  3. Hi Niall All tested successfully as a standard user, the only thing that did not appear was the reboot prompt. Thanks Bob
  4. Hi Niall Just a quick update, received Event ID error 11311 - Could not find source file - Cab1.cab. I will troubleshoot further but thought I'd mention in case there's something obvious. Thanks Bob
  5. Hi, Does your updated version require the user to be local administrator? I believe Pieter had 2 versions of the script? TriggerBitlocker (MSI - end-user enrolls the device and is local admin) TriggerBitlockerUser (MSI - for non local admin scenarios) Many thanks Bob
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