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  1. i tried now on another laptop HP compaq 610 , without adding the drivers it gave me the same problem andwith adding the problems also it gave me the same problem , it just gives you after windows is starting up , preparing network connections then it restarts and so on any help please would be appreicated anyweb ?? update : i dont see at all this sentence tftp download: smsboot\x64\abortpxe.com is that necessary to appear ? becasue i read from other blogs and found all of them showing this sentence but for me it doesnt appear at all , is that ok ?
  2. i have added them and they didnt work after contacting the sccm server : windows is loading files the vista loading screen initilizing hardware devices windows is starting up REBOOT!!! PXE Boot aborted. Booting to next deviceā€¦. PXE-M0F: Exiting PXE ROM. any idea what is the problem ?
  3. ok ill give a try and hopefully it will work ill update you soon thanks
  4. mmm , ok let me tell you what did i do so far and to which level i reached hoping to solve this issue as this is the only thing that isnt working in SCCM , every other feature is working just fine 1) installed MDT 2008 with SP1 2) installed WDS on the SCCM server and i DIDNT configure any images or boot files on WDS i just configured the server itself so that i can allow it to accept both known and unknown clients with a delay of 5 secs ( PXE is using delay of 3 secs ) 3) installed the PXE role on SCCM server 4) did all the steps from part 1 to part 5 related to deploying vista now i started to receive the black screen , the following problems i faced 1) it was stuck on the connecting to server with alot of dots then it just gives me pxe bort aborted : boot to the next device the solution for this problem is i discovered that the laptop im testing on : its dell inspirion is x64 in archtitcture and what im using is an x86 boot image , when i started to use the x64 boot image i found its working fine and not dot stucks 2) another problem i faced is i cant have a DHCP lease , the problem i discovered is when i restarted the SCCM server i found some errors related to WDS and PXE , i just restarted those 2 services manually and it started to receive a DHCP lease ( ill work on this error that i face when i restart the server each time later ) 3) now my current problem that im stuck on is : i turn on the laptop , receive a DHCP lease , it gives me contacting server , it starts loading then i receive the SCCM screen and it starts loading some stuff then it says starting network connections then starting windows startup finally IT REBOOTS then it enters the PXE screen again and show me the following error : pxe boot aborted any idea what is the problem ? NOTE that during the steps i followed from anyweb wonderful articles i didnt configure drivers nor driver packages ( i dont think that is the problem becasue there isnt a specific driver to use while booting that laptop plus vista loads most of the necessary drivers by itself , if im wrong tell me please ) help please as this is the last feature to activate on SCCM thanks
  5. i think its clear now , after synchronizing it started to show the other products
  6. its already enabled and to collect every hour as well , do you think they will start appearing ?
  7. all my computers ( domain/workgroup ) are in the range , and i already added that as a boundery but its not discovering so far , any additional tasks i need to activate ? thanks
  8. i tried all the steps from part 1 to part 5 exactly and when i boot the client it gives me the black screen and its connecting to SCCM server but it stucks at connecting to ( my sccm IP ) any clue whats the problem ?
  9. oh ok , thanks so still i need the WDS ok if you have time please reply on this topic http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1312-mdt-acting-weird/
  10. anyweb im confused now ok lets start again i think i missunderstood the issue now to deploy vista as an example to a client i can use PXE ( the one found in SCCM ) or WDS correct ? i want to use SCCM so what i will need ? only i need the role for PXE correct ? i wont even install WDS i hope im correct thanks
  11. yes i will use PXE because im using the PXE role in SCCM ok so ill configure WDS on the SCCM server and just change the delay to 5 seconds , and the delay in SCCM to be 3 secs , correct ?
  12. hello according to this link http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/511-how-can-i-deploy-windows-vista-sp1-using-sccm-2007-sp1/ i reached the point of editing the PXE filter but i dont see any icon for that under all programs im using MDT 2010 , any changes ?
  13. hello i have a question regarding deploying OS , do need to install WDS on the SCCM server in order to deploy images ? as i am using MDT thanks
  14. hello again i have a network with clients joined to the domain and clients not joined to the domain , the clients joined to the domain are showing successfully in the SCCM console but the workgroup clients aren't , i have 2 questions here 1) how to add SCCM agent on those workgroup clients remotely , i already installed the SCCM agent manually 2) how to show those workgroup computers to be appeared on the SCCM server console
  15. hello this is my 1st post in this website , i hope ill be an active member soon how can i create search folders for the following 1) vista approved 2) vista security 3) windows 7 approved patches 4) windows 7 security patches ??
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