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  1. anyweb , i didnt find that post OR when i add the build and capture i will add the apps as packages and add them in the sequence ? is that the way you are talking about ?
  2. ok thanks another question please is it possible to have a capture of an image when im at capture and build step for a windows with predefined apps or do i need to deploy an image of windows only then deploy each app as an package ? i hope there is a way to take an image for a computer with predefined apps already thanks
  3. now if im using MDT 2010 i wont have the feature of configure PXE filter to use as shown in your guides so just ill install MDT 2010 with sccm 2007 SP2 and skip that part ?
  4. @anyweb isnt there a way to fasten the deployment for the software updates , im waiting since 2 hours and its still showing me the ![LOG[Added Update Source ({5F657886-4804-49DC-8736-D99BC2BE5F0D}) of content type: 2]LOG]!><time="13:00:40.949+-60" date="11-30-2008" component="WUAHandler" context="" type="1" thread="2184" file="sourcemanager.cpp:1372"> <![LOG[Async searching of updates using WUAgent started.]LOG]!><time="13:00:40.980+-60" date="11-30-2008" component="WUAHandler" context="" type="1" thread="2184" file="cwuahandler.cpp:587"> <![LOG[Async searching completed.]LOG]!><time="13:00:55.280+-60" date="11-30-2008" component="WUAHandler" context="" type="1" thread="2296" file="cwuahandler.cpp:2099"> <![LOG[successfully completed scan.]LOG]!><time="13:00:55.435+-60" date="11-30-2008" component="WUAHandler" context="" type="1" thread="2976" file="cwuahandler.cpp:3261"> PS : forget about the timing here as i pulled it from your attached file hehe , the point is its stuck on successfully completed scan any issues ? thanks
  5. i figured out the problem the DNS name is different than the IP so that its giving me this error isnt there a way to clear the QUEUE totally and then start the deploying for the clients again ( as i wana recreate the DNS names for those missing clients ) thanks
  6. hi there lets say i have an ideal computer with all the apps installed on it already , nothing is missing and the drivers are unified , can i build an image to include those images as well by default or i need to attach packages to that image to have it done ? thanks
  7. its a domainadmin already ?! any other suggestions , if its not a domain admin then how did it install on 200 computers
  8. no issues at all , i installed today SCCM on 2008 and its working like a charm about your second question i installed the database stuff on a separate SQL server and the rest on another server
  9. SOS folks i have approximately 1000 clients in a site , 576 has been installed succesfully 221 are showing in the collection all systems that its assigned ( yes under assigned column ) but the client is showing NO and ofcourse the rest of the clients NOTHING i attached the logs , im pretty sure the problem isnt from the server side its from the client side , firewall is disabled on both the server and the client now some of those errors are : 1) WNetAddConnection2 failed (LOGON32_LOGON_NEW_CREDENTIALS) using account jubailrefining\smsadmin (00000574) $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER><Tue Mar 09 16:32:34.909 2010 Arab Standard Time><thread=4444 (0x115C)> 2) Wmi::Connect(): ConnectServer(Namespace) failed. - 0x800706ba~ $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER><Tue Mar 09 16:32:37.065 2010 Arab Standard Time><thread=4444 (0x115C)> ---> Unable to connect to WMI on remote machine "SATWS0009", error = 0x800706ba. $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER><Tue Mar 09 16:32:37.081 2010 Arab Standard Time><thread=4444 (0x115C)> 3) CWmi::Connect(): ConnectServer(Namespace) failed. - 0x8004100e~ $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER><Tue Mar 09 16:32:45.020 2010 Arab Standard Time><thread=5496 (0x1578)> ---> Unable to connect to WMI ® on remote machine "C-283-12", error = 0x8004100e. $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER><Tue Mar 09 16:32:45.020 2010 Arab Standard Time><thread=5496 (0x1578)> 4) my lovely error ---> ERROR: Unable to start service "ccmsetup" on machine "C-283-12", error = 1068. $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER><Tue Mar 09 16:32:45.504 2010 Arab Standard Time><thread=5496 (0x1578)> ---> Failed to install CCM Client Bootstrap component on client (1068) $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER><Tue Mar 09 16:32:45.520 2010 Arab Standard Time><thread=5496 (0x1578)> ---> Deleting SMS Client Install Lock File '\\C-283-12.jubailrefining.com\admin$\SMSClientInstall.SAT'~ $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER><Tue Mar 09 16:32:45.520 2010 Arab Standard Time><thread=5496 (0x1578)> regarding point 3 , sometimes it gives this error and it continues copying any idea what to dig on the client side ! to be honest i couldnt pull the logs from the client side ( if there is even ) coz the client was busy leaving me alone working on this case any help please would be appreciated !!! ccm.log
  10. i have downloaded from technet subscriber site the latest SCCM DVD with SP2 integrated already , the problem is when i do the installation it comes with a greyed out CD key and i just continue the setup without entering my own CD key that i bought from microsoft , my question is how to change the CD key to put mine instead of the one that comes integrated already with the DVD thanks
  11. anyweb if i want to create a search folder for microsoft updates in 2010 only what to do thanks
  12. on now i have a weird thing !!! when i do the installation it gives me a predefined CD KEY , how can i change the CD key in future ? thanks
  13. i want to clarify something please lets say i have AD ,DHCP and DNS on one server SCCM 2007 with WSUS on another ( called SCCM) finally SQL separetly ( called SQL 2005 ) in the prerequisite check i need to put for the primary site and SDK the name SQL 2005 and for the MP SCCM ? please confirm thanks
  14. OSD yes , SQL on a separate box i found this doc and im going to deploy 1 server to serve for now 5000 clients , those will be 10000 in future but as per doc i can have 1 single computer for that i have currently dual 3.2 processor 8GB ram on windows server 2008 32bit ( as i didnt find 64 bit on technet! ) the size for SCCM server is 100GB HD what about the SQL ? if there are any wrong steps above please mention it thanks Sample Configurations and Common Performance Related Questions (HW requirements ).pdf
  15. thanks wmm but what about my above questions 1) is the link i provided above the right setup file 2) if i have SP1 already and want to upgrade to SP2 is it a straight forward deployment 3) can i have R2 with SP2 ? if yes then how thanks
  16. hi there what hardware requirements do i need to serve 1000 clients as a start processor,ram , storage ...etc ill use one server for all that and in future we will add more servers as currently all those 1000 clients are in one location thanks
  17. an additional question if i install SP1 then do the upgrade to SP2 , is it straight forward or do i need to change some settings after that ? thanks
  18. i have a huge deployment man with 6000 users , starting today so i want to have the SP2 integrated already instead of having it separate , and ofcourse i want to deploy windows 7 and windows server 2008 R2 so i must have SP2 btw you will have loads of questions coming if i have a technet plus account that would be ok ? is this the one : http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/subscriptions/downloads/default.aspx
  19. hi if i have the license for SCCM2007 , does this file ConfigMgr07SP2Eval_RTM_ENU.exe do the needful for the installation ,as in microsoft site it says : Brief Description Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 Evaluation is a full version of the product that is valid for 180 days from the time of installation. so if i install this version will it ask for putting a license , i want a version that contains by default SP2 plus do the guides in this site apply on SP2 or its only meant for SP1 thanks
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