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  1. Been checking out the new email approval feature for application requests in CB1810, however, I am running into an issue and can't seem to figure it out. To start, I can successfully request an application and SCCM triggers the alert and I successfully receive an email. However, when I attempt to approve or deny the request, I get a website security error and can't proceed. I am not using Azure integration and I am attempting this on my local intranet. Any ideas? (Sensitive information removed) Thanks! Mark
  2. I appreciate the assistance Niall! Everything has been working great so far! If anyone runs to issues upgrading to 1802, reach out to anyweb and he should be able to get you squared away! Thanks again, Mark
  3. Hi Niall, I will forward over those logs here shortly but I figured I would mention something I came across. I decided to try something with my SCCM SQL server. I had one of our SQL guys take a look with me and we made a copy of the CM database then took the EXEC spExtRenewInvGroupExtractViews command and ran it on the copied CM database and actually received a more detailed error than what the SCCM logs provide. The error is: EXEC spExtRenewInvGroupExtractViews Msg 207, Level 16, State 1, Procedure v_HS_MDM_DEVDETAIL_EXT01, Line 11 Invalid column name 'DeviceHardwareData00'. Msg 15151, Level 16, State 1, Line 11 Cannot find the object 'v_HS_MDM_DEVDETAIL_EXT01', because it does not exist or you do not have permission.
  4. Well.....after jumping through a ton of hoops and unofficial Microsoft documentation to get SCCM to re-download the latest build of 1802, it unfortunately failed with the exact same error message. I copied all pertinent details and replied to the comment from the Microsoft engineer from within the Feedback Hub. So sadly at the moment, still no 1802 yet.
  5. Hey Niall, Just wanted to post an update. I received a response this morning from Microsoft on the Windows 10 Feedback Hub. The response is attached to this post, but according to them, the database upgrade issue has been fixed in the latest 1802 build. No other details were given but I am assuming that if I retry the install, it should work, barring it downloads the latest version. Judging by the SCCM console the build was updated since I last tried it. I will post an update late this afternoon with the results.
  6. HI, So I am attempting to upgrade my SCCM environment from 1710 to the new 1802 build and I am running into the same error message as Cordell. During the upgrade, SCCM fails to upgrade the database and when looking at the log files, it generates an error mentioning, "Invalid column name 'DeviceHardwareData00'.:v_HS_MDM_DEVDETAIL_EXT01". I have attached the cmupdate log for review. I did take a look at djammer's twitter post and left a comment there as well but from what I can tell, nothing has been determined yet. We haven't setup any custom hardware classes that I am aware of and the one that it errors out on appears to be built-in. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! Mark CMUpdate.log
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