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  1. In my case it was network issue. I.e. default gateway wasn't set in dhcp options.
  2. Hi Team, I have been facing an strange issue. After the machine built by OSD TS, client isn't visible as online in Console and I don't think client is getting policies applied. Validated Firewall ports (80,443,10123) and all are fine. Any clue or troubleshoot approach would be much appreciated. I have attached policyagent.log. Note: To test this tried to install a client on Site Server using clientpush, it installed and shows as online and all the configurations getting applied. PolicyAgent.log
  3. Hello @anyweb, I just wanted to update you on this issue. It was due to Gen 1 hyper v drive. TS run successfully after i changed to Gen 2.
  4. Hi, Sorry about thread. I'll follow from now carefully reading thread. And I have checked my TS step and it's exactly identical to yours. A: drive is diskette drive comes along with new VM in Hyper-V Manager and not sure if this can be removed blank VM.
  5. It's Hyper-V vm(Within Windows 10 2004 Physical machine) and I'm deploying 1903 using a native or default Task Sequence created without MDT.
  6. Hi @anyweb, Any luck with it? I'm going to try this in a new HDD instead of earlier one. I don't know why it's not working because i haven't modified any step in this TS. It is like created through native one without MDT.
  7. Sorry it took some time. messed up with dp. But here's the most recent smsts. smsts.log
  8. It's exactly similar to below. I'll get you the log by a retry now. Failed to make volume C:\ bootable. Code 0x80004001
  9. Hi @anyweb, I'm exactly into the same issue. I'm trying to install a OS in Hyper-V VM. It exactly gives the error as above mentioned. Format and Partition Disk is configured with GPT Type only. PF TS step and advise please.
  10. I think the model is P52. I haven't tried really.
  11. We're in 1909. We're not prepared to go 2004.
  12. Is there any progress on this issue? I have similar scenario in my environment
  13. Could you please share this distribution point properties including content transfer window if you have set?
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