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  1. Mackan, that WORKED! Weirdly enough we don't actually use Applications, still using packages in the task sequence. SO i'm not really sure what could be causing this in our environment. I will check the PC I have fixed in the morning and see if it has reverted back to "Provisioning Mode". Thanks so much for your help!! Matt
  2. Hi All, Hopefully someone can help me with this. We have a few hundred clients all deployed through SCCM 2012 successfully, however we currently have a problem on 50% of PC's where they are showing in the Configmgr console as inactive. On further investigation loading the Configmgr control panel app shows that the client certificate is set to none. This is NOT happening on ALL PC's, we can have two PC's sat next to each other on the same subnet and one will have Client Cert :self signed and the other will say Client Cert : None. We only use HTTP currently hence the self signed cert. I have checked and none of these PC's show as Obselete. I have tried reinstalling the client to no avail and i have also renewed the certificate in the Management Point. Any Help on this greatly appreciated. Thanks Matt
  3. HI All, I'm having some trouble setting up the PXe Boot images. Everything goes fine up to the point where my site system server tries to copy the boot image to the PXE service point. Using the checkbox "Deploy this image from the PXE service point". If i don't have it selected it deploys to the DP fine and i have no errors. If it is checked then it doesn't get copied just says "in progress" and then eventually fails. DistMgr.log shows the error "Failed to process package SC200012 after 0 retries, will retry 100 more times SMS_DISTRIBUTION_MANAGER 24/04/2012 14:35:02 5540 (0x15A4)" Viewing the logs for the SMS)DISTRIBUTION_manager component. Severity Type Site code Date / Time System Component Message ID Description Error Milestone SC2 24/04/2012 14:35:02 AdminSCCM.admin.local SMS_DISTRIBUTION_MANAGER 2302 Distribution Manager failed to process package "boot" (package ID = SC200012). Possible cause: Distribution manager does not have access to either the package source directory or the distribution point. Solution: Verify that distribution manager can access the package source directory/distribution point. Possible cause: The package source directory contains files with long file names and the total length of the path exceeds the maximum length supported by the operating system. Solution: Reduce the number of folders defined for the package, shorten the filename, or consider bundling the files using a compression utility. Possible cause: There is not enough disk space available on the site server computer or the distribution point. Solution: Verify that there is enough free disk space available on the site server computer and on the distribution point. Possible cause: The package source directory contains files that might be in use by an active process. Solution: Close any processes that maybe using files in the source directory. If this failure persists, create an alternate copy of the source directory and update the package source to point to it. I have removed the PXE role serveral times and WDS rebooted etc. I have checked permissions on the RemoteInstall folder and given the SYSTEM account full control and also given the Site Server Full control. HELP! Thanks Matt
  4. Thanks AnyWeb, Yes i can see now that the client has installed on my test PC. It just took quite a long time. Thanks
  5. Hi All, I have followed through this guide successfully. How do i go about deploying the EP client to my client computers? i.e. to my All Windows 7 Collection Thanks Matt
  6. Thanks for the info. Thought as much, but wanted to be sure! Thanks again!
  7. HI All, I've just been looking into installing the RTM of SCCM 2012. I've been looking at the system requirements and i notice that SQL 2005 is not supported in the list. Has anyone attempted to use 2005 as the DB server? Cheers Matt
  8. Hi Niall, I am actually using one myself, built with Windows 7 on it. Here is a screenshot of my device manager and i've attached the TXTSETUP.OEM. I'm a bit confused, i assume that the PCI\VEN name is set on the hardware so no matter what OS you use it should be the same? If i try to find the PCI\VEN value in the textsetup.oem file it isn't there? PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2920&CC_0101 I found one for [HardwareIds.scsi.iaAHCI_ICH9R] id = "PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2922&CC_0106","iaStor" Is it worth modifying that line. It is worth noting that i downloaded this driver directly from HP's site for DC7800 SFF XP Pro. As far as sysprep.inf goes i don't have one anymore, i deleted it so it shouldn't have any record of it or Unattend.txt. Cheers Matt txtsetup.zip
  9. HI AnyWeb, Thanks for your quick reply, and nice one on all the brilliant guides that you've put out. I've based pretty much my entire SCCM deployment on your guides I've attached the screenshot and this PC is a HP DC7800 Small form factor Desktop PC. Also last night i attempted to do a Build from a fresh XP, but got the error "File \$WIN_NT$."BT\$OEM$\iastor.sys could not be loaded. The error code is 4. Setup Cannot continue, Press any key to exit." I have also now used nlite to slipstream the AHCI driver into the XP Image (I know its not recommended), and i get the same error "File \$WIN_NT$."BT\$OEM$\iastor.sys could not be loaded. The error code is 4. Setup Cannot continue, Press any key to exit." Hope you can help! Cheers Matt
  10. HI Guys, I'm literally pulling my hair out with this one! I have created an image using SCCM on a VMWware virtual machine (so no HAL/driver issues) I am now attempting to deploy the image to HP DC7800. As soon as the machine reboots after the Setup Windows and ConfigMgr TS step. It goes just reboots even before the XP splash screen. If i press F8 during boot up into advanced boot up and select "No reboot on error" i can see the STOP error 0x000007B. I have tried everything recreating Driver packages, removing mu Nlite built XP Files and replacing with normal XP files. I have implemented categories and have an Apply Driver Package and Apply Device Drivers TS step. I have also switched off RAID mode in the BIOS and use IDE instead, still get the same error. I have also put in the BIOS fix OSDDiskpartBiosCompatibilityMode=TRUE. I've attached an SMSTS.log This below is from SCCM report. "The task sequence execution engine successfully completed the action (Apply Device Drivers) in the group (Install Operating System) with exit code 0 Action output: 5988AE59F9D36E63EBC52913B22C28_72FBC442A267FE46E66EE739FF03179649C49C04 (SMS Driver Rank = 0x0001) Driver "High Precision Event Timer" has already been installed. Failed to find a suitable device driver for device 'HID\VID_050D&PID_0119&MI_00\7&33543E70&0&0000'. Ranking compatible drivers for IDE Controller SCOPEID_0FADB8DF-4D53-45E0-9EC1-DF86012F9B47/DRIVER_4995498348C395CA471F508ADBCF5467D1C1E226_72FBC442A267FE46E66EE739FF03179649C49C04 (SMS Driver Rank = 0x2001) SCOPEID_0FADB8DF-4D53-45E0-9EC1-DF86012F9B47/DRIVER_EA91CCCCF1EFDEB3D57DC742DE92CD2F839A4B25_9AAE6CF85E96E6CD7B09BA9982654A69D90A3596 (SMS Driver Rank = 0x2001) Driver "IntelĀ® ICH9 4 port Serial ATA Storage Controller 1 - 2920" has already been installed. Driver "IntelĀ® ICH9 4 port Serial ATA Storage Controller 1 - 2920" has already been installed. Failed to find a suitable device driver for device 'ACPI\PNP0200\4&38240245&0'. Failed to find a suitable device driver for device 'ATA Channel 1'. Exiting with return code 0x00000000. " Please someone help I'm totally stumped!! smsts.log
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