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  1. Centered layout with CSS & v4.master on SharePoint 2010 /* --------------- Centred Layout START ------------------------*/ #s4-ribbonrow > #s4-ribboncont > #RibbonContainer > #Ribbon > .ms-cui-ribbonTopBars > div { width: 990px; margin: 0 auto; float: none;} #s4-bodyContainer { width: 990px; margin: 0 auto; float: none;} #s4-ribbonrow > #s4-ribboncont > #RibbonContainer > #Ribbon > .ms-cui-ribbonTopBars > div, #s4-bodyContainer > div, body #s4-titlerow > div { width: 990px; margin: 0 auto; float: none; border-right-width:0px;} .ms-
  2. Setres has not work for me ... That is why I searched for an alternative and came across Qres.exe .... So I created a packet with the "Source Files" and create program with the following parameters Command line: Qres.exe /X: 1400 /Y: 1050 /C: 32 It changes the resolution during the deployment and operating system itself!
  3. Hi @ all... I cant solve my problem... everytime the Licence Agreement Screen pops up and my Task Sequence stops. I attached a screenshot! How can I prompt automaticly the Licence Agreement!
  4. hmm.... doesnt work.... ( In my TaskSequence I added the Produkt Key in Step "Apply Windows Settings"... Server licensing is "Do not Specify". The Enterprise version is a MAK version! any ideas and the driver installation exit with an error.... but at least, all driver are installed... ?! wtf?
  5. Yes, thats what I'm talking about! We are using Win7 Enterp... I have to enter the Produkt Key in the Task Sequence "Apply Windows Settings"??? I havn't entered a Produkt Key yet. So I hope, thats the solution for my problem. Will try it!
  6. Worked fine for me... but... that's not realy a fine solution ... the last times I deployed my maschines, i didn't have this problem until today o0 can't understand this!
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