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Found 7 results

  1. Hey Guys / Niall - I'm wrapping up a complete rebuild of the production environment's SCCM. So far, I've installed SCCM 2012 R2, applied SP1, then applied CU3. Recently, I installed MDT 2013 Update 2 then ran the ConfigMgr Integration as Administrator. I'm trying to create the base MDT Packages, but am getting errors! When trying to create a new MDT Boot Image, I perform the following steps: Right click Boot image and choose to create a new MDT boot image Enter the (empty) source path for the boot image Enter the desired name and version Select x64 and 128mb On the next page (Components) get the error message "The path is not of a legal form" The components page behind it is empty (doesn't list any of the components). Clicking OK simply dismisses the error window and leaves me at the blank Components page. If i click OK on it, I get the error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" so must cancel out of it. As I initially installed MDT to D: (keeping the rest of the default path the same), I removed the ConfigMgr integration, uninstalled MDT, reinstalled MDT to the default path on C:, reintegrated, and tried again - got the same error. Google only has a couple of things about it - one being from Niall - saying basically to make sure everything is launched as admin. It is, but still no go. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Hey Guys - Recently started at a new position where I am primarially working with an SCCM 2012 1511 environment which was set up over the past month. Yesterday, I requested that MDT 2013 be installed and once I got approval, installed MDT 2013 Update 2 on the primary then ran the integration tool successfully. This morning, I went to create the MDT packages which I usually do by creating a test MDT client task sequence. When doing so, I get to the MDT Boot Image page, but cannot select the option to create a new boot image!?! As I didn't install SCCM, I don't have specifics, but was told Windows 10 ADK was installed - just the 4 components required. Any ideas / thoughts? Thanks!
  3. I am experiencing the following errors 451 4.4 dns query failed on exchange 2013 451 4.4 dns a storage transient failure? ( regarding this, i see my spam box was full, could this be the cause?)
  4. I am experiencing the following issue. Reminders for Multiple Calendars Not Showing we Have a few people who has 3 -4 calenders (room calenders) which doesn't show / popup in outlook. Is there a reason for this? I have tried to enable it via : Set-MailboxCalendarConfiguration -Identity Peter -RemindersEnabled $true and set the reminder setting in Outlook.
  5. Hi all I did experience the following issue but it has been solved! here is my conversation with one of Windows-Noob Exchange Guru : Im getting this error, but the user does exist ? Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups: 'Christo Krugel' The email address you entered couldn't be found. Please check the recipient's email address and try to resend the message. If the problem continues, please contact your helpdesk. Diagnostic information for administrators: Generating server: ONLINEXCH1.domain.local IMCEAEX-_o=ONLINEXCH1_ou=Exchange+20Administrative+20Group+20+28FYDIBOHF23SPDLT+29_cn=Recipients_cn=0993867a4d6e4c01a67a5f58e228bae2-Christo+20Kruge@domain.com #550 5.1.1 RESOLVER.ADR.ExRecipNotFound; not found ## Reply Report Edit Andersson Advanced Member Members PipPipPip 98 posts Gender:Male Location:Sweden Interests:Exchange Workout Soccer Sent Yesterday, 02:52 PM Hi, Check so that the mailbox has the correct smtp address, verify that you are sending to that correct smtp. Also clear the outlook cache, then you should be fine. Have you done a migration recently for this mailbox? Reply Report jcvnstdn Member Members PipPip 28 posts 0 warning points Gender:Male Location:South Africa Interests:Golf, Server Maintenance, Hunting, Eve Online Sent Yesterday, Yes i did migrate, how do i clear the outlook cache? Reply Report Edit Delete Andersson Advanced Member Members PipPipPip 98 posts Gender:Male Location:Sweden Interests:Exchange Workout Soccer Sent Yesterday, 04:36 PM What Outlook version is it? Google it, there are guides for it out there.. Here is an example for Outlook 2010 http://www.groovypos...-delete-remove/ Microsoft Community Contributor Award 2011 - MCITP Exchange 2010 My linkedin profile at > http://se.linkedin.c...sson/10/b4a/225 Follow me on Twitter > @jonand82 Follow windowsnoob.com on Twitter > @windowsnoob Check my blog at > http://www.testlabs.se/blog I found the answer! I had to Force DL Exchange Address book from send & receive from out look!
  6. I experienced the following error : User (usern@domain.com) The server has tried to deliver this message, without success, and has stopped trying. Please try sending this message again. If the problem continues, contact your helpdesk. Diagnostic information for administrators: Generating server: dc1.domainPtyLtd.local usern@domain.com #550 4.4.7 QUEUE.Expired; message expired ## Here is the fix. a little background regarding the mail. I created a custom rule for users inside our company who uses a different mail account(ie jane@jane.com + jane@company.com)so that their incoming and out going mail get routed via a custom receive connector. This caused me some major headaches because i was receiving the above mentioned error for about a week and no mail came into the system. Here is what i did. 1: I removed the custom rule and recreated with the following setup 2: I only enabled Anonymous users on the permissions. 3: Under scoping added the IP of the external mail profile 4: Inside XCH powershell add following command : Get-ReceiveConnector "External Frontend EX2013" | Add-ADPermission -User "NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON" -ExtendedRights "Ms-Exch-SMTP-Accept-Any-Recipient" After this my headache was gone. took a week but fixed my issue. Hope this helps you.
  7. Just a post for those who wants to know this. I needed to remove old failed queue messages in Exchange 2013. If you need to do this here is the command:enter into exchange powershell. Get-Queue -id Submission | Get-Message | Remove-Message -WithNDR $false
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