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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I have a lab setup running SCCM CB 1702, with the SQL instance on the same VM. I want to be able to test restoring a backup from our production server onto this test setup. I have a valid backup but I think I'm doing something wrong. I've tried running the setup from the original iso, from the "splash" in cd.latest and the "splash" in the cd.latest in the backup. Whatever happens on the Available Setup Options page "Recover a site" is greyed out. I've tried stopping the SCCM site using the preinst /stopsite command and also tried taking the SQL DB off-line but nothing makes any difference. The only options I get are to "Perfrom site maintenance..." and "Uninstall ...". I then had a look at our production server and it's the same. Could someone suggest what I might be missing? Many Thanks.
  2. Hi, I created a USMT Restore task sequence and set to to restore the profiles that connected in the last 14 days. However when it runs it restores all the profiles, here is a Screenshot. Any idea ?
  3. Hi.. I'm in a weird situation . This morning we found out our primary 1 has lost many desktops(75% of the company systems) from the console(do not know the exact reason yet). So at the end of the day we started recovering the primary 1(site server and data base) with the backups and it was successful. We were about to say woohoo, lets wrap it up and go home ...But As soon as the primary 1 restored all the data from backup files, CAS started replicating the current data (25% data) making the primary go back to the messed up state. Now, we do not want to recover the CAS and the primary 2 to bring the primary 1 up. It will be very helpful to know, if there are any other options left for me to try(before the sun rise). Any help Thanks Sana
  4. Mattmon

    USMT 5

    OK, I'm having issues finding information on the User State Migration Tool. Using the tool is simple enough, but I'm looking for a way to import a user account to a DIFFERENT user account. Let's say I have a user account "Owner" and I would like to import the data and settings from "Owner" to the user account "Bob" on a different computer. Is there a way to do this using USMT?
  5. Hi, We restored our site onto a server with a different disk layout. Everything appears to be working other than the site status display. The status for the Site Server and Application Catalog website point are always critical and the Storage Object points to the old (wrong) location. Does anyone know how this can be updated to be correct? It would probably be possible by directly editing the SQL database but I know this is not supported. thanks.
  6. Hi All, I recently had a problem with my cas site, which I restored and this seemed to go fine from my backups. However !!! I have found some of the packages, and task sequences created before the failure are now only available as readonly. The console isn't read only, just a few items in it.... Couple of packages and TS's ========== "The following object are not available and will not be edited" Details : retreiving object ownership ========== Anyone seen this, or know a solution. I have had a look at the roles and security, but these seem to be in place and all correct. I will keep digging however I was hoping someone here may have seen this and know what im missing !! Thanks and regards, WAZZIE
  7. How do you restore a computer that was deleted from a collection, but it doesn't have the SCCM client installed on it?
  8. Hi I’ve installed SCCM 2007 R3, SP2 on a lab environment. I’ve set it up on a server 2008,R2,SP1 and I used Hyper-V.I have my SCCM on 1 VM and AD,DHCP on another. So far I’ve been able to do the following: Capture a Win7x64(SP1) image and deploy it using PXE boot and advertisement on the client machine. Software packages also deploy fine. I’ve been able to use usmt 4.0 to upgrade XP to the captured image using hardlink. When I try and use USMT over the network it copies the files to my SCCM point fine then continues to install Win7 and load it on the domain exactly as it should but it doesn't copy the files back. My task sequence fails on: Restore User Files and Settings I unfortunately reverted my image back to XP while hitting my head against my keyboard after yet another failed attempt. So alas I don’t have the smsts log. I can however repeat the process and try and get it then. I have checked file permissions on the backup directory and all seems fine there. If anyone has any ideas I’d really appreciate them, if I can post any SCCM logs to help you identify the issue please let me know. Thanks in advance
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