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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, We currently have a server which handles DHCP and WDS (lets say server A) I've set up a new SCCM server (server B ) and would like PXE boot request to be handled by the new SCCM server, whilst keeping DHCP on the old server (A). At the moment, DHCP points PXE requests to the same server (A). Despite deselecting the option in WDS to use this server for PXE, im not sure what changes i have to make to make server A give a DHCP IP offer then send to server B for handling PXE boot. I'm also unclear whether i need to use WDS at all on the new SCCM server, in conjunction with system center, or whether system center can handle PXE all by itself. Sorry to unclear; i'm a newbie to SCCM. Paul
  2. What does "wdsnbp started using dhcp referral" mean when doing a PXE boot? I've got DHCP on a seperate server to SCCM, is this message normal?
  3. Hello, I'm hoping someone could help me with WDS, I currently have a 5 PC set up which one PC is the Windows 2012 R2 server and that connects to the other four PCs via a switch which all PCs can ping one another on static IPs. On my server I have the roles DHCP, AD DS, DNS, windows assessment and deployment kit and WDS set up and configured. However when I try to actually deploy I get the error: PXE E51 No DHCP or proxy DHCP offers were received I feel that this may be a port issue, however I'm not able to do anything outside of the two server options of not listening to the DHCP port and using the proxy service. I tried to change the port through the admin tools fire wall, but the OS won't let me make any changes. Any know how else to go about changing the ports? I also haven't configured the switch, not sure if I need to change anything on that. Any help with this would be appreciated.
  4. I have a situation that doesn,t allow me to add the DHCP servers to the DNSupdateProxy group for Dynamic Update to work correcly in DNS. We have credentials set in the DHCP IP settings and have option 81 setup with out the option for Name protection. The DNS records are getting updated somehow with the user account that we are using but it isn't quick and there have been complaints. Can DHCP still update DNS Dynamically with out the DHCP servers being in the DNSUpdateProxy Group? If not, How is the user account owning the record and updaing the account without the help of DHCP? We have a ton of DNS update failures in the DHCP log and the only ones that are successful are the new records that are created.
  5. Alright, I've been having an insane amount of trouble with SCCM for the last few weeks. I am hoping someone can help me. I have combed these message boards and tried so many fixes, but no go. Setup: SCCM 2012 SP1 Server - DHCP Server - On 172.x.x.x network DHCP Options: 66: 67: Tried both smsboot\x86\wdsnbp.com and boot\x86\wdsnbp.com (not sure which to use. Many conflicting posts about them. Also, case sensitive?) When I used to F12, I would get Boot File Not Found. That was before I added the DHCP Options. NOW, however, I get: DHCP.. TFTP. PXE-M0F - Exiting Intel Boot Agent Quite instant after it receives the IP. Now, I have ensured the Files are within both the SMSBoot and Boot folders. Plenty of them. 7 in the SMSBoot and 10 in the boot. I have tried uninstalling WDS. I haven't manually configured anything WDS. I let SCCM do everything. When I try PXE-booting with the laptop, NOTHING is added to the SMSPXE log. NOTHING is added to the DISTMGR log. Everything is added to the C: to avoid any storage-related problems. After restarting WDS service, there is no red in either logs. Please, somebody, save me from the demon. My brain is mush.
  6. Hi All, I am stuck with DHCP-NAP issue here at user end. Whenever the client machines sleep or rebooted or even network cable is plugged out and in, the machines stop getting correct "Subnet Mask". As per our NAP policy if machines are: NAP Non-Compliant NAP Non-Capable then only these machines will be quarantined and won't get correct "subnet Mask", and hence will be blocked from accessing our corporate network. However, machines which are NAP-Compliant, gets quarantined and every time when we do a "ipconfig /release" followed by "ipconfig /renew", machines again starts picking correct "Subnet Mask" and is able to access network. So far, the troubleshooting (event viewer states) states that the SHV send their states to NAP client (user end) but the NAP client is not able to communicate back to SHVs. Hence, even the NAP-Compliant machines are getting quarantined. Any expert here, who can help me... Its affecting many users and my image too...
  7. We recently stopped using static IP addressing and switched over to DHCP, and some of our Windows 7 clients are having trouble renewing IP addresses. When the client boots up it receives an IP address from DHCP without a problem but when we attempt to release the address and renew it using IPconfig an address is never issued. The error we receive states “An error occurred while renewing interface local are connection: the name specified in the network control block (ncb) is in use on a remote adapter. The NCB is the data.” At this point I am not sure if this is a DHCP error or a Windows 7 error. Any information would great.
  8. Is it possible to build and capture in SCCM 2007 with static network info or am I just banging my head against the wall? I currently am trying to boot from media, enter network info, and trying to use the capture network to hang on to network settings through out. I have a feeling this futile though. I know I can build the machine and capture via media but I was hoping to do all though the TS. Any help is much appreciated. I wish our network section would just go to DHCP already and make my life easier. Mike
  9. (PXE Without DHCP worked, NOW* it doesn't) I have a lab with an SCCM server with SQL and another as the Active directory server (2 servers total). These are on a private network and have a Linux DHCP/PXE setup. When i setup SCCM i never setup DHCP but i did setup PXE on the distribution point. I was able to boot up right into the SCCM server's PXE or to the Linux one if i put in a delay on the SCCM server. Last week i was trying to get PXE to chain load from another server (without success so far, but that's another post). On Monday, i look at the setup and I was no longer able to PXE into my SCCM server. Granted, i was mucking around with the settings but... How was it possible that the SCCM server received and handled PXE requests without DHCP? I was under the impression that DHCP was needed. The reason i didn't install DHCP on SCCM is because i was trying to integrate it with the exitsting Linux setup. Kinda stumped on this one...
  10. Hello, I'm running into a problem at home with DHCP on a Server 2008R2 Box and just have a few questions. First off My setup includes a Windows Server 2008R2 which I want to leave on all the time for running Plex, SCCM, DHCP, WDS, MDT, AD, and so on, Might include Asterisk on there as well someday down the line, The system has 12 GBs of Ram and a 60GB SSD, and 160GB HDD and 1TB Plex Storage. Might be adding another 1TB to it as well down the line. My problem with DHCP is I can have it up and running and I'll be able to get IP address from the server but all I have is local intranet. How would I set this up so I can have internet as well? As an FYI I have to Network Cards in my Server. I can plug in from my Qwest ActionTech M1000 straight to one ethernet port then from the other ethernet port to the switch. I tried to do a Bridge Connections deal on both Ethernet ports but I didn't notice anything different. And then also Change my DD-WRT settings to Wireless Access Point only and disable DHCP on it. Any Help at all would be greatly appreciated. I hope I'm on the right track. Thanks
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