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Migrate SCCM 2012 R2 to a new instance of SCCM 2012 R2

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Hey guys looking for a bit of info here...


We have an existing hierarchy of 1 CAS and 3 Primary sites, along with 13 secondary sites attached to 1 of the Primary Sites. I just learned that during the setup of these sites SQL 2012 Enterprise Evaluation Edition was used to install all the sites. Now the Evaluation Edition on the CAS SQL server has expired... oops... Obviously I don't want to pay for Enterprise licenses if I don't need them, so I'm looking for a way to get to SQL Standard.


I have found some information about moving SCCM Sites to a new SQL server but am a bit nervous doing that from what I've read on how picky SCCM is with not changing SQL stuff. I have a guy here who is a bit of a SQL guru that feels like we should be able to migrate to a new SQL database pretty smoothly, but I'm a tad skeptical since he doesn't know much, if anything, about SCCM.


My thought was to build a new hierarchy and use the built in migration feature of SCCM 2012 R2 to move data to the new hierarchy. Are there any caveats to the migration? Are there things that can't be transferred using a migration job? Will I have to re-install all of our clients once we migrate?


Has anyone done this, or could anyone provide some insight on which route to pursue? I'm leaning more towards the migration since it's built into SCCM and it is meant to do that sort of thing, rather than trying to rip the SQL DB out from behind SCCM and trying to connect it to a new instance.


Thanks in advance for any help.

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We were able to just "Upgrade" SQL on the primary sites to the Standard Version. Kind of odd to think of going from Enterprise Evaluation to Standard as an upgrade but it works.


The CAS has been a whole different story. The CAS SQL DB was using an Enterprise feature called Partitioning. The SQL guru had to do some fancy stuff to get partitioning turned off before we could "Upgrade" it to Standard. The problem we are facing now is all the replication links are broken between the Primaries and the CAS. Still trying to troubleshoot through all that mess.


We were able to get a single primary site working be reinitialize the Status Messages replication group, but have so far been unsuccessful with the others. When you run the RLA you get errors about Replication Groups being failed.

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