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Deploying Server 2012 R2 U1 with SCCM 2012

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Hi guys,


I'm struggling to understand why when I deploy Server 2012 using either the 'install.wim' file or the original installation source, that the Unatted.xml file that I've created in WSIM doesnt get applied at all.

Basically these are the steps I've taken, using the 'Create MDT Task Sequence':


  1. Created OS Image & OS Installer
  2. Created MDT Task Sequence + a MDT Settings package and MDT Toolkit package, both distributed to DP
  3. Created Unattend.xml file with WSIM, ensuring the Unattend.xml file is associated with the 'install.wim' file from the OS image.
  4. Created Configuration Manager Client
  5. Assigned 'MDT Toolkit' package to the 'Use Toolkit Package' step in the TS
  6. Assigned 'MDT Settings' package to the first 'Gather' step in the TS (all subsequent 'Gather' steps are set to 'Gather only local data'
  7. Ensured the tick box for 'Use an unattended or Sysprep answer file for a custom installation' is checked and the 'MDT Settings' package is selected along with 'Unattend.xml' as the 'Filename'
  8. Deployed TS to DP

The VM that I'm using for testing boots to PXE no problems at all, however all the settings I applied to the Unattend file don't apply to the OS install.

What am I missing?


Any assistance is greatly appreciated.




P.S - Task Sequence & 'setupact.log' attached






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