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Collection not working propebly

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Dear All


I created collection to show me all clients that HAVE NOT Adobe Reader 9.1.1 in the Add/Remove Programs as the attached document. I search by product id and display name but the result not accurate, I found some clients in the collection have Adobe Reader 9.1.1, I don't know why?? :blink: so please is there are anybody here have idea how to solve that issue.





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try this one


collection Name = AD Security Group Member and Adobe Reader 8.1.3 NOT installed




select SYS.ResourceID,SYS.ResourceType,SYS.Name,SYS.SMSUniqueIdentifier,SYS.ResourceDomainORWorkgroup,SYS.Client from SMS_R_System as sys where sys.ResourceId not in (SELECT ARP.ResourceID FROM SMS_G_System_ADD_REMOVE_PROGRAMS AS ARP WHERE ARP.DisplayName = "Adobe Reader 8.1.3" AND ARP.Version = "8.1.3") and sys.SystemGroupName = "sccm2007\\Adobe Reader Users"


The above query will show all members of an active directory group called Adobe Reader Users who do NOT have Adobe Reader 8.1.3


obviously change the query to suit your domain/ad sec group and program name/version

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