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Bitlocker as part of task sequence Issue

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Hi All,


Recently I have been trying to bit locker devices during OSD on a 2008r2 domain, with sccm 2012 r2 sp1.


the schema has been checked and is correct (the 5 entries are present)


CN=ms-FVE-KeyPackage – attributeSchema object

CN=ms-FVE-RecoveryGuid – attributeSchema object

CN=ms-FVE-RecoveryInformation – classSchema object

CN=ms-FVE-RecoveryPassword – attributeSchema object

CN=ms-FVE-VolumeGuid – attributeSchema object

CN=ms-TPM-OwnerInformation – attributeSchema object



The ad DC's have the bitlocker tools installed, and I can see the 'bitlocker recovery key' tab for a device in ADUC.


I have a AD GPO in place on an OU where the device exists in AD


But my task sequence fails at the ENABLE BITLOCKER stage towards the end of the TS. The TS was created by sccm wizard, nothing special in it as yet.


If I disable the DISABLE BITLOCKER, PREPROVISION BITLOCKER and ENABLED BITLOCKER steps in the TS and build the device, then enable bitlocker manually logged on to the device, it works and saves the key to AD,


I am obviously missing something here, anyone know where I should look in the logs...


The device is uefi and has secureboot enabled

The OS is Windows 81 x32

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I am not as work at present and don't have it handy, however i think it was a 0x80004005


I will confirm tomorrow if that's ok niall. with a bit more info.

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