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Group policy Sysvol mismatch

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I got a windows 2012 R2 enviroment with mulitple extern locations.


on 1 of the new locations i got a problem with the group policy, the Group policy is referending to a sysvol folder that is not existing under the Sysvol folders of any servers in the domain network.


now i cant apply my new policy becouse its stuck on a sysvol folder that is not existing.


is it possible that i can find the link between a policy and that sysvol folder (thats not existing) so i can delete the policy or change the link?


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We got 12 locations on that enviroment,
every location got his own OU, on the location where the problem was i saw that the old policy was applying on Gpresult /h name.html i saw that it was loadin old policy settings and not the new ones that are set. that indicates that on that OU the policy was not loading correctly


the second thing is : that a collegue of an other department changed the policy of that OU on a GC domain controller and after he changed the policy directly in 5 seconds shutdown the server and moved the server from the location to a other location, so a reasson can be that the server didn't replicate correct to the PDC and that caused conflicts in the GPO settings

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