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How can I install System Center Configuration Manager (Current Branch) version 1902 on Windows Server 2019 with SQL Server 2017 - Part 5

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I'm a bit late for the party but I wanted to say thanks for the guide and for the time that you put through this.
I have 2 questions as I'm also currently installing/ making the lab based on your guide.

I'm confused a bit on the part to "Extend Schema" on the manual way, it mentions that we need to navigate from the DC01 to the CM01 to the folder "SCCMPrereqs" which we dowloaded all the required packages for SCCM.
But in the "Automated way" inside the script says that "Run this script on the ConfigMgr Primary Server as a user with local Administrative permissions on the server"
So this means that we run the script in CM01.

My 2 questions is:

1) How to run the "extadsch.exe" from the DC01 as I didn't see somewhere that we need to create a share folder between the two servers.

2) The script is meant to be run from the CM01 or the DC01 ? and if so running it from the CM01, it will be able to create the Extended Schema in the DC01 ? without having created any shared connection between them ?

Thank you.

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thanks for the thanks and better late than never :)

1. you don't create a share, you use the built in C$ share on CM01 as shown here




2. you run the script using the credentials of the user that has permission to extend the schema, it can be run from the ConfigMgr server

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