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  1. Do you have any custom script to add/modify Remote Tools in default client settings. I am looking and trying to create custom client settings with selected settings like Remote Tools, Hardware Inventory etc., Please help on this
  2. Could you please help me to get the script for client settings in SCCM. I want to create custom client settings with components in it!
  3. Hi, Is that SCCM site server can be worked in autoscaling group like in Azure? will that be possible in SCCM. If so, could you please help me to understand the process or steps to be carried out
  4. Hi, I am getting this error when installing/connecting sqlserver through sccm installer.. Could you please help me on this.. what went wrong! [The target principal name is incorrect. Cannot generate SSPI context.],
  5. I am sorry.. While copy & pasting here I added #.. Overall SCCM setup I just followed your guide and able to succeed in installation automatically.. Thanks for your guide. But for this SSRS I don't find it is installed.. Any log or place to verify..
  6. #$Parms = " /IAcceptLicenseTerms True /Quiet /Norestart /Log SQLServerReportingServiceslog.txt" #$Prms = $Parms.Split(" ") #& "$filepath" $Prms | Out-Null #Write-Host "done!" -ForegroundColor Green After executing this line.. it shows done.. but installation is not done for SSRS.. Any help please
  7. I am using two server for sccm and db separately.. that's the reason I might be missing some of the components.. I am checking it .. Always need your guidance please.. I am checking the ConfigMgrPrereq log file here the sql server computer pointing to the same server of sccm.. I want to change it to different server whre DB is running.. Please help
  8. No, I am simply following and modifying specific to need.. let me double check the flow if any I missed. Always thanks for your prompt response and help..
  9. Thanks for your response ... I just followed.. let me check service account or OU script one more time.. is that script will help right? or any other place have to check for the administrator related.. please guide
  10. For some reason SSRS setup is not starting automatically throught the script.. Any reason for this or where to find to troubleshoot this? Please guide Where can I find this log file SQLServerReportingServiceslog.txt
  11. Hi, I have triggered sccm setup manually after executing all the step(prerequisite - automated script).. below am seeing warnings.. is this can we ignore or anything wrong here
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