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  1. Hi Anyweb, i've managed to get SCCM working from your guide, ive set my distribution point like this and it works fine However certain machines don't PXE boot, they get an ip but then error PXE-aborted - one worked first time but didn't again - i'm thinking the device no longer becomes part of collection that is authorised for distributed content after the reboot
  2. Windows internal database is selected by default for WSUS installs (not to be confused with WID connectivity option) - You must unselect it before you get to the WSUS features section otherwise server manager WSUS install will spit out that error i screenshotted. It actually installed regardless of the error but WSUS service didn't start properly, i've spent three days of rabbit hole chasing to rectify it as opposed to starting again from scratch for the third time, this included a deep dive into IIS and configuration modifications into the WSUSAppPool, but finally got to this stage now without error
  3. cant get past the WSUS installation phase regardless of the amounts of times i reboot https://sbsj-my.sharepoint.com/:i:/g/personal/cjakubowski_sbsj_co_uk/EWvXmqxYc6NPigmqeHenMnYBxsfIZSrIZbeDCahoXQQOCg?e=0YeMeC
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