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Wallpaper not migrating in Offline Mode ?


ok you are using Offline mode in Windows PE and you notice it's not migrating your wallpaper amongst other things.


Well all hope is not lost, you can simply make some new XML files and add them to your existing USMT 4 package to migrate the additional stuff, in this example we will migrate the wallpaper.


Please note: the following has been tested successfully with the guide here:



Add the wallpaper.xml file to your USMT 4 package


locate your USMT 4 package and copy the following file to it:





Edit your Runscanstate


edit your Runscanstate.bat file so that it has the following appended to it




the entire line should look like so


@set USMT_WORKING_DIR=%~2%\USMTbits\x86

"%~2\USMTbits\x86\scanstate.exe" "%~1" /c /o /hardlink /efs:hardlink /nocompress /offlinewindir:c:\windows /v:5 /l:%~2\SMSTSLog\scanstate.log /progress:%~2\SMSTSLog\scanstateprogress.log /i:%~2\USMTbits\x86\miguser.xml /i:%~2\USMTbits\x86\migapp.xml /i:%~2\USMTbits\x86\wallpaper.xml


Update the distribution points for BOTH packages above, and do your offline in WinPE tests again, notice the difference ?




1. USMT Custom XML the Free and Easy Way - Technet blogs

2. Offline Migration - Technet


migrate wallpaper.JPG





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I am doing a windows 7 to windows 7 wipe and reload. Is there anything special that needs to be done to the wallpaper.xml file for this? The registry entries are set correct. The file is there. But the desktop backgroupd is not the picture?



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Has anybody else tried this while migrating Win 7 or 8/8.1 to Win 10? It migrates the file but the registry setting seems to be overwritten by img0.jpg (the standard win10 windows wallpaper). I've tried rebooting


Oh boy, please ignore this. The wallpaper registry setting was getting removed on my test VM prior to migration because it was not activated and had exceeded the license activation period.


gt1135 puts dunce hat on

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