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Windows 10 multi language Install using SCCM

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I have TS to install Windows 10 multi language.

I'm downloading the langauge packs into folder and then i'm using powershell script to install it.

Install Client LP script

Param ($contentPath)

Set-StrictMode -Off

$logFile = "C:\lang\InstallLanguagePacks.log"
if(!(Test-Path $logFile)){New-Item -Path $logFile -Force}

$contentPath | Tee-Object -FilePath $logFile -Append

[array]$AllLPs = Get-ChildItem "$contentPath\*\LP\Microsoft-Windows-Client-Language-Pack_x64*.cab"
"{0:u} | Found {1} language packs:" -f [datetime]::Now, $AllLPs.Count | Tee-Object -FilePath $logFile -Append
$AllLPs.FullName | Tee-Object -FilePath $logFile -Append

Foreach ($lp in $AllLPs)
    "Install new LP $lp" | Tee-Object -FilePath $logFile -Append
    $lp.FullName | Tee-Object -FilePath $logFile -Append
    Add-WindowsPackage -Online -PackagePath $lp.FullName -NoRestart -Verbose 3>&1 4>&1 | 
    ForEach-Object {"{0:u} | {1}" -f [DateTime]::Now, ($_ | Out-String) | Tee-Object -FilePath $logFile -Append }


Install Fod Script

Param ($contentPath)

Set-StrictMode -Off

$logFile = "C:\Language\InstallLanguagePacks-FOD.log"
if(!(Test-Path $logFile)){New-Item -Path $logFile -Force}

Start-Sleep -Seconds 2
$installedLP = Get-WindowsPackage -Online -PackageName "*Client-languagePack*" |
    Where-Object {$_.PackageState -eq 'Installed' -and $_.PackageName -notmatch '~en-US~' -and $_.PackageName -notmatch '~en-GB~'}

"{0:u} | Detected installed Language packs:" -f [datetime]::Now | Tee-Object -FilePath $logFile -Append
($installedLP | Select-Object CapacityID, PackageName | Out-String -Stream) | Tee-Object -FilePath $logFile -Append

$FODCat = @('Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Basic-',
$FODs =@()

foreach($Item in $FODCat)
    $FODs += Get-ChildItem "$contentPath\*\FOD\$Item*.cab" | Select-Object -ExpandProperty FullName

"{0:} | Reading FOd content source. Found {1} language and readion feature on demand (FOD): " -f [datetime]::Now, $FODs.Count | 
    Tee-Object -FilePath $logFile -Append

If($FODs.Count) { 
    "",$FODs.Substring($contentPath.Length),"" | Tee-Object -FilePath $logFile -Append
    $FODs | Tee-Object -FilePath $logFile -Append 

foreach ($fp in $FODs)
    "Installing FoD $fp" | Tee-Object -FilePath $logFile -Append
     Add-WindowsPackage -Online -PackagePath "$($fp)" -NoRestart -PreventPending -Verbose 3>&1 4>&1 | 
    ForEach-Object {"{0:u} | {1}" -f [DateTime]::Now, ($_ | Out-String) | Tee-Object -FilePath $logFile -Append }


I can see the language is being download and script is finding the languages but its not install it. I try to manually install it in winpe i get error message but when i try to install it in windows it works fine


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2 hours ago, anyweb said:

take a look at this it might give you some ideas



I will try this but from reading this it looks like yo are using MDT which i'm we not using.


If I use dism.exe it works fine but I dont understand why powershell doesn't work

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