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Migrate to the cloud - Part 1. Setup

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hi @dipalma

thank you for trying out my solution, this code is 'as is' and it's up to you to make it work in your environment, you can rem out all the scrolling by editing the associated log file, but what you really should have seen is the full screen status screen and not the powershell logging

what that means is something probably failed which is why you are seeing the powershell cmd instead of the status screen,

feel free to post your logs here and i can take a look.

that said, i'm still working on it and will hopefully have a newer version of it to release in the coming month or two with a LOT of bug fixes and improvements



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hi @Wizu

I've now finished updating the changes and testing to the new release (1.5.28)

I plan on blogging about the changes shortly, if you'd like to try it before I blog it then please pm me and i'll make the code available,

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Your script is awesome and will save us a lot of works for our migration. Thanks a lot for sharing it with us.

I had to modify something to get it work.

When OS language is different from english, the administrators group isn't the same so instead of using an hardcoded group name I got it with the sid which is always the same  

        $AdminGroup=(get-wmiobject win32_group -Filter "SID='S-1-5-32-544'" | Select Name)
        Add-LocalGroupMember -Group $AdminGroup -Member $UserName}
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hi TomBlack, i have a new version (not released yet) with several fixes/changes/enhancements, if you want to try it, pm me and i'll make it available to you, blog coming later...


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