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damaged client after setup? no self singed cert

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Hi Guys! I'm having same problem after adding a bunch of apps/agents to the TS. Can you tell me where in the TS you add the reg key command lines, after the initial setup windows and config manager or just as the final step or with a restart reg key reg key restart to end the TS or such?

Thank you!!!


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Right after the "Setup Windows and ConfigMgr" step, add two "Run Command Lines" to set the registry values correctly. Here are the two commands to be run:

REG ADD HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\CCM\CcmExec /v ProvisioningMode /t REG_SZ /d false /f
/v SystemTaskExcludes /t REG_SZ /d "" /f


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I found the problem and it had nothing to do with registry settings or similar..


I had, at the end of my TS, inserted a reboot...

When you add a reboot to your TS it automatically sets an option to boot into the Bootimage associated with the TS.. which means instead of booting into the installed OS it booted into the bootimage.. and thus set registry keys to reflect this.. being in provisioning mode..

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