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  1. Remember if your OSD TS won't work correctly after you've added or changed something it will be better to create bare new one. After I created new OSD TS my unattended XML finally fully applied, there was a problem with Language for non-unicode programs, that part just won't change for some reason. And after I created bare new OSD TS my SCCM Client also got out of the provisioning mode.
  2. Hi, thanks for the reply. Okay, thats the answer why last software TS didn't work. Thanks! Hmmm. The sympthoms are the same as in your link. The registry value was set to "true" for some reason! Could it be because of I pressed a restart button till the end of countdown? I've changed that value back to 30 from 5 seconds, cause I didn't think its important at the end. Do I need to create an additional TS with restart?
  3. Why do you need japaneese boot image? It's just different language, or I'm wrong? What is the error code?
  4. OS is Windows 7 Enterprise x64, recreated SCCM Client installation package and added it to the task sequence, but it didn't help. SCCM Client just won't install itself. It should apply policy and install an antivirus software remotely but it didn't happen. I don't understand why do I need to install SCCM ConfigManager Client during OSD if after adding a machine to domain it will be automatically installed. Which logfile I should check first? Any ideas?
  5. manuverma Your question still actual?
  6. Oh, come on... Any advice? Maybe I should create another package from definition for another Task Sequence instead of using one package for 2 task sequences?
  7. Hello, everybody! We had a task sequence for x86 systems, I've dupliceted it and changed it to Winx64 by changing all that I need, except a part "Install or Upgrade ConfigManager Client 4.0". That package was made in 2009 and worked fine so I've decided to use it in my OSD too.(Anyway it should contain both x86 and x64 versions, right?) Everything was great till I've realised that SCCM Client wont work properly after computer added to domain. OSD installation succeeded, sccm client installation succeeded everything is succeeded but the ConfigManager Client wont work properly. Where
  8. Check the DiskPart part in your OSD TaskSequence first because it's first error in the log.
  9. "Account currently disabled" - Ain't it the reason of the problem?
  10. Finally, I've managed with 3D DriveGuard and FingerPrint Sensor driver. If somebody need an advice or something I would gladly help.
  11. Hmmm, Everything is fine, but I need to make all the options different. Format for example English Location Italy Language for Non Unicode programs to Spain for example. And the keyboard language is not necessary to change. Parameter "UserLocale" changes both Format and Location options. I need to make the location different from Format.
  12. Got it finnaly. http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1660-customising-windows-7-deployments-part-1/
  13. Hi everybody! In our company we have an OS image with 2 languages. During deploying OS it asks which language I would like o use. Every option I need is right except the Language for non-Unicode programs - it's always by default English. I need it to be always Russian for both languages. How can I made it? Help.
  14. After I've made a new image and captured it from the virtual machine it is successfully applied to those notebooks. I think that it will be OK with new ones, even if I didn't test them. There's another issue with OS parameters after image the is applied but it is not so important as the previous problem. Thanks for the advice anyway.
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