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Custom install dvd

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Hi All,


is it possible to create a bootable CD/DVD of custom XP image(currently in wim format) for deployment offline? this is for sites with slow connection or not connected to network?


i know one can use imagex /apply commands, but is there any other way ?



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assuming you've followed my Deploy XP guide in SCCM then it's more than possible.


Add Operating System image


right click in Operating System deployment and choose add operating system image, browse to the network location of your captured XP wim image.




review the image details




click next next and close...


Duplicate the Task Sequence


Select your Deploy XP task sequence, right click it and choose Duplicate. Use the Duplicate Task Sequence for the following actions (this means we are making a copy of the original Task Sequence and editing the copied/duplicated one instead.)


Edit The Task Sequence


the Operating System Deployment section, right click on Task Sequences and choose to edit your Deploying XP task sequence.


look for this section in Apply Operating System




change it to Apply Operating system from captured image...




browse to the captured WIM file




click ok when done





Create Task Sequence Media




choose Stand alone media from the options




select your media type and give the ISO file a name




set a password to protect your media




select your task sequence




review the details




select the distribution points with all the packages required on them... [in this example there are 4 packages, and one dp has all 4 packages listed as 4 of 4...]




so it looks like this




if you are using variables, then add them here




review the summary




the ISO file will be created...




and you are done, burn the ISO to DVD and and test it !


Can I read about this on Technet ?


To see Technet's version of Stand Alone Media, read here


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When I want to create a task sequence media it says at the end that there is no more enough space while there is 60gb left on disk. Why is that? I tried DVD 4.7gb and 8.5gb but in my task sequence there's only winxp (max. 500mb), office2003 (max. 500mb), IBM client access (max. 400mb) and some other little programs.

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