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Setup access to ConfigMgr Reports


Setup access to ConfigMgr Reports


It can easily be confusion when it comes ConfigMgr Reports and rights (read) and we will sort things out in this thread and remove all doubts, hopefully. The biggest problem is that administrators do not detect theese problems by themselfs because they are usually members in the local Administrators group on the site server which result in that they have full access to almost everything.


Here is an instrcution on "How to grant read access to ConfigMgr Reports by adding the user to a Active Directory Security Group".


Create a Active Directory Security Group called ConfigMgrReportViewers.



Add a user to this group that need read access to ConfigMgr Reports.



On your Primary Site, open Computer Management, expand System Tools, Local Users and Groups, Groups. Double click on SMS Reporting Users to open it, press Add, enter our newly created AD group and hit Check Names, press OK.



Verify that your group was added and then press OK.



Open http://<YOUR_SERVER>/SMSReporting_<YOUR_SITE_CODE>/ to view ConfigMgr Reports and the result will be like this, no reports, just a menu. (http://dsgcm1/SMSReporting_DSG/). That's not what we want, let's continue...



Open your ConfigMgr Console and expand Site Databse and Security Rights, right click on Users and press Manage ConfigMgr Users.



Press Next on the Welcome screen.


Enter our Active Directory Security Group (ConfigMgrReportViewers) that we created erlier, press Next.



Select Add another right or modify existing one and press Next.




Class: Report

Instance: (All Instances)


Check Read and press Next.



Verify that you selected right Object Class and press Next.



Review summary and press Next.


Press Close.


Now everything is in order to view our ConfigMgr Reports with that specific acount we added to Active Directory Security Group ConfigMgrReportViewers erlier. Open http://<YOUR_SERVER>/SMSReporting_<YOUR_SITE_CODE>/ to view ConfigMgr Reports and the result will be like this, MANY REPORTS :) (http://dsgcm1/SMSReporting_DSG/).




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Missing DCOM Rights


If you get errors like this then you are missing DCOM rights on the reporting server. Fallow the instruction below to verify if you have DCOM rights and resolve the issue if you are missing it.



On your Primary Site, press Start, Administative Tools, Component Services.



Expand Console Root, Component Services, Computers, My Computer and select DCOM Config.



In the right pane, right click on SMS_REPORTING_POINT and choose Properties.


Open the Security tab and press Edit on Launch and Activation Permissions. If the Edit button is greyed out, mark Customize end the press Edit.



Verify that YOUR_SERVER\SMS Reporting Users has pemissions as the picture below.



I'm missing this permission


Press Add to grant SMS Reportin Users DCOM rights.



Type YOUR_SERVER\SMS Reporting Users and press Check Names, press OK.



Check all Allow boxes and hit OK.



Press OK.



Refresh your browser and you should be able to see all reports.




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