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SCCM SQL Database getting too big and tips needed

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I would like some help with the following.


I've created my lab and provisioned 30GB for the SQL drive. The problem I have is that I'm already running low on space!!


This makes me think how much space would I need in a production enviroment?


As I,m new to SCCM I don't know whether I have a problem or not. All I have in my lab is 4 workstations.


  • What is the nomimal or expected size that I should be seeing for a small lab SQL SCCM database?
  • What would the size of the DB be if I was in a production environment with around 1000 clients?
  • Is there a way to clean up the DB and compact it?
  • What are your best tips for keeping the DB size down?

Hoping you can help.







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30 GB is a tiny drive size. If this a VM why not use a Dynamic VHD set to 128 GB or something like that.


Now is that 30GB just for SQL or is that 30GB for SQL and all its database?


My 20 PC lab have a db of ~10GB.


For production db, it will depend alot on how many PCs you have, so How many PCs will you have?

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Hi Garth,


I,ve attached a screen shot of my drives.


I've also analysed my SQL Drive and it's reporting as being around 13.9GB in use.


But as you can see in the picture Windows is reporting a lot more.


It's a bit confusing and I'm trying to find out what's consuming this space.




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Is your SQL reporting log increasing in size??


I had a similar problem where by my main drive was dramatically increasing in size every day for some reason. I pin pointed it to be the SQL reporting log. It was adding 3-4GB everyday(this site had approx 1500 machines).


If this is the culprit then you will have to shrink the reporting DB and also change the recovery model to simple as it probably set to full mode at present!!


Also 30GB for SQL, not sure about this?

Would it not be better just to have a default C drive and also E drive with all installed on it??

Without sounding irrational but from a personal perspective it looks a bit messy with the current setup considering all these drives reside on the same server anyway??


Rocket Man

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