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The CM12 BitLocker FrontEnd HTA - video

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here's a live demo I did in Seattle during the 2013 Global MVP summit, I demo'd the CM12 BitLocker FrontEnd HTA to a few other Configuration Manager MVP's and Rob Marshall decided to video it ! so here's the result, the lighting quality is a bit low (video'd with a mobile phone.), apologies for that and we were both tired after a long day attending sessions, however it was an on-the-spur-of-the-moment thing and we wanted to share the experience




In this demo I did a refresh from Windows 8 BitLockered to Windows 8 BitLockered using an MBAM 2.0 backend and of course using Configuration Manager 2012 Service Pack 1


cheers !


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I haven't tested it with Windows 10 yet but you can be sure I'll modify it to work with Windows 10 once Windows 10 hit's RTM and it's supported in Configuration Manager 2012

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Hi Nial,


Im in the process of working with USMT integration with SCCM 2012 r2,


Our requirement is to get all the configurations from one machine to another after we have built a machine.


SO that means once i complete the imaging process then i will need to do the migration,


How can i do this, i dont want to do the rebuilt again, as its only for almost 20 users out of 250.


I will need to have the printers, users profiles, emails and background settings as well.


Any help is greatly appreciated,




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you will need to start customizing your USMT xml files to capture the data that you want and test and verify it on virtual machines before doing the migration.

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