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    Unable to push client from any site

    Muhammad Abdullah
    By Muhammad Abdullah,
    Hello,  I have  a CAS and 4 primary sites under,  Site1,Site2,Site3,Site4  when i implemented site 1 i was able to push agent to the clients through the CM consle without any issue and still do ,  then i implemented the other 3 primary site, - each site is a MP and DP configured. - AD Schema is extended - Client push account is configured  - the 3 sites has permissions on  Management system container  -the 3 sites has permission on the site 1  and the

    "Inaccessible Boot Device" Pushing OSD Task Sequence

    By scjsorrell,
    Hello, I recently deployed an OS task sequence to a device collection and all of the computers came up with "Inaccessible Boot Device" afterward.  This is the first time I have tried pushing an OSD as a required deployment to computers that are already powered up and running Windows.  The OSD works fine with booting to media, and this same OSD worked fine on these computers after I circled back around to reload them via bootable media.  The computers showed up in AD with the automatically g

    Windows Updates Deployment and Software Center, and the "You need some updates. Select this message to install" prompt

    By BryanP,
    My windows update deployments are set with User Experience/User Notifications set to "Display in Software Center, and only show notifications for computer restarts." Some (but not all?) of my users are reporting that they're getting a non-SCCM Windows notification.     When the installation takes place they get the regular notification from SCCM that they will be rebooted in X minutes, which is all I want.  I don't want them to get the regular Windows notificati

    Migrate bitlocker from Mbam to sccm with TPM key

    By lalajee,
    Hi, We need to Migrate Bitlocker from MABAM to SCCM (Mbam integrate) but I can't seem to find information on if it will move the TPM key to SCCM or not. We are running SCCM 2002 (soon to be upgraded to 2009) MBAM server is 2.3 (We are in process of upgrading this to 2.5) We would like to integrate MBAM with SCCM but also migrate recover key + TPM key. I know recovery key will be moved but will the TPM key moved too, if not how do I move the TPM key without re-encrypting the

    Deployment Report help

    By drizz343,
    Hi,  I am doing my first big deployment after setting up CMG, is there a report that will tell me if the client got the content from on Prem DP or CMG, I am sure I am going to be asked.  Thanks  D

    Troubleshooting BitLocker Management in ConfigMgr - Part 2. Client side

    By anyweb,
    Introduction Microsoft blogged about Bitlocker Management capabilities back in May, 2019. They detailed how that would impact and evolve on the following three platforms.     Cloud-based BitLocker management using Microsoft Intune     On-premises BitLocker management using System Center Configuration Manager     Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM) And recently they've posted an updated blog post here where they go into detail about how BitLock

    SCCM Client not installing during OSD Task Sequence

    By salento9,
    Good morning all, Can you please help solving the following problem: In a lab I'm testing the last Sccm CB server, following your procedures, during an OSD TS to install the last W10 version the sccm client agent wont install, in the ccmsetup.log i see:   Downloading C:\_SMSTaskSequence\OSD\P0100028\i386\vcredist_x86.exe to C:\WINDOWS\ccmsetup\vcredist_x86.exe    ccmsetup    29-10-20 10:56:54    1112 (0x0458) Failed to access source file (2). Waiting for retry...    ccms

    MECM 2006 +MDT +PXE Boot

    By bigbro.pro,
    Hello. two weeks i can't beat the problem of loading MDT via MECM. My configure in screenshot:   for two weeks now i can't get this to work. After receiving the message that you see in the VM picture. Log from SMSPXE.log. according to this manual: I do not have an MDT task creation (Step 7.)  WDS and MDT are located on the same server as mecm. I have a basic configuration. those. just installation and that's it.   ============> Received from client: 

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