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  1. Fantastic! This will help me immensely. Does anyone know if ServiceUI still has that failing with putting a Time out on it? 0xffffffff error...
  2. I don't think the XML from Cisco would import into SCCM 2012. but you should only have to copy the .xml to C:\programdata\cisco\cisco anyconnect secure mobility client\profile, then restart the computer or the Cisco service for AnyConnect to have the profile.
  3. This same thing is happening to our clients also. Were you able to find a fix?
  4. Anyone know how to do this for UEFI? Get rid of that "Press Enter" prompt? It would be nice to just have the boxes boot right into the Task Sequence password screen.
  5. Looks like CU4 is supposed to fix this.. http://myitforum.com/myitforumwp/2015/02/02/cu4-for-configmgr-2012-r2-released-pesky-apps-in-osd-bug-squashed/
  6. We are having the same issue. 2 of our remote sites work perfectly with the same applications, but 1 fails consistently on applications installed during OSD for laptops.. Desktop's seem to image just fine. The logging on the Status Advertisement shows "The operating system reported error 5: Access is denied." for all applications in the Task Sequence. I can push the same applications after the imaging is done and they install just fine. Boundaries, and all the other usual stuff seem to be set up properly. Switches are set up for PortFast. The only thing i can think of that sticks out is tha
  7. Hi all, I've searched and searched but cannot find a difinitive answer, so i'll through it out there... When and how is the data collected for UDA (User Device Affinity)? Is it Software Inventory, Hardware Inventory or some other collection method?? We have it configured and seems to work just fine, but I would love to know how the data is gathered. Thanks for any help!
  8. We are migrating from XP to Win7 using SCCM - Hard Link migration.. Our task sequence will include all of our software standards, those common to all PC's.. My question is about non standard software.. Software that is already packaged and deployed in SCCM. Has anyone figured out a way to have non - standard software that was installed on the PC when it was XP, be re-installed automatically after the Task Sequence finishes the Win7 install? For example.. on PC1234, it has Acrobat X Suite, running Windows XP SP3... It would be great for the task sequence or SCCM to recognize tha
  9. I have seen several varieties of the usage of those 3 xml files in researching and testing USMT. Older posts seem to use all 3 in their Scanstate command. New posts seem to have 2 out of the 3.... I have seen posts by M$ saying do not use Migdocs and Miguser together. Something about capturing the same info 2+ times.. My question would be, if you only use 2 of the 3 in any configuration, are you capturing everything? Profiles, files and settings? or are you leaving something out by only scanning for 2 of them? My understanding: Miguser.xml captures user profiles, Migdocs.xml
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