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  1. yes I am giving the file name in a UNC path \\server\REMINST\filename.wim. SCCM is killing me. I hosed our one good windows 7 deployment image (which was unknown until someone else tried to deploy it) and now I'm in a crunch to get a new one created. I have a ,machine that I was able to build, ad to SCCM collection, the client appears to be installed but SCCm says no and it(the client) will not approve. Most MS tech I can use without issue even if I have never seen it before but this is making me nuts.
  2. It still looks as though SCCM is telling me that is is unable to connect to the network directory to write my capture image. I know the account that I am using has full control of the directory, has been added to SCCM as a network access account and if I enter the incorrect logon info in the wizard it knows this and prompts me for the correct credentials which it obviously tests and sees as valid but after the system reboots it cannot access the network directory.
  3. tried using a different account this did not work. I know that the permissions are correct since the capture media GUI tells me if I am using an acocunt that does not have access to the directory or if I have entered invalid credentials. This is becoming seriously frustrating because it appears that no one really knows what this error actually means. The technet site yeilds nothing but incorrect answers by Microsoft professionals who mark their own answers as the solution and I have tried too many things to mention. I was able to grab a capture image on an external USB drive but this is a cluge.
  4. so I have verified that I have full control permissions on the directory that I trying to write my capture image to still get 0x800700cf error.
  5. I am attempting to capture an x64 image of Windows 7 using SCCM and an image capture disk. I am getting an error that indicates that the user account that I am using to capture and write the image to a directory on the SCCM server does not have proper permissions to to write images to the directory in question. I have checked the NT permissions for the account that I am using and it does in fact have full permissions (this is a Domain Admin acocunt) Here are the steps I am following to failure - insert the disk - enter unc path to directory .wim file is to be written to - enter some other info (version, notes, etc...) - start the image capture process - watch machine reboot - watch the death of my SCCM x64 dream as I see the 0x800704cf one more time All indications that I have fond searching Google are that the account doens't have permission but it does. Any help or even useful ideas would be most appreciated.
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