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  1. tried several accounts, including domain admin, remotely and local. the icon even appears briefly in control panel and then removes itself.
  2. HI I am having some issues install the sccm client on a LOT of devices, i don't know if its down to the current build (not Mine) or AD or something else. I have included the 2 log files. any help much appreciated. thanks guy, ccmsetup.log client.msi.log
  3. We are doing an image capture primarily for speed of deployment, so we include Office 2013, Adobe, C++, and a few other bits, and then full updates, office/security from standalone WSUS separate from the WSUS that services sccm. I am just trying to streamline and see if I can do it al from SCCM then I don't need to maintain MDT and a secondary WSUS instance. We also do all ref image in VM.
  4. HI Just wanted peoples opinion on how I am currently doing my Ref image, At the moment I do this in a standalone MDT/WSUS, capture then import into sccm where I add business apps during TSQ, is this still the preferred way. but it means I have to maintain WSUS as well as MDT. Or should I be doing I in sccm and capturing, or even with an MDT interrogated task seq and capture? Are there any issues in which the context it creates the image with i.e. Administrator (MDT) System (SCCM) thanks Rob
  5. Thanks for the quick reply, i will prob do as you suggested.
  6. I want to know if i can use a single instance of WSUS for my SCCM server and my standalone MDT server (for Wim creation), as i will surly have to authorize updates in WSUS for MDT. WIll this break the wsus management for SCCM. or will i need 2 separate WSUS instances ? thanks Rob
  7. Thanks will give that a try.
  8. Hi Apologies if this is the wrong place for this question, I have seen/used the great PowerShell scripts for documenting my SCCM setup. but I was wondering is there anything out there similar for generating a Image build release note. i.e. all the apps installed, O/S etc etc, ideally in a nice presentable format. Thanks Rob
  9. Hi We are being moved from our Physical server to a Virtual server (Its the future....) as part of this i am having to move all our source off to a filer. does anybody know of any tools/script will assist me to do this for App-v 4 and App-v 5 applications, i found some script for the other bit but they are struggling with App-v Thanks Rob
  10. Thanks that's useful information, i will check, this could cover App-v and MSI. yes i can see the info in resource explorer so will do some testing. Thanks
  11. Hi 80% of or deployed applications are done under a user context, if we need to remove them from the devices, but the same user never logs onto those devices again, I.e. remove under the system context. will this work or is there another method, we are getting grief from our licencing dept for redundant install everywhere due to hot desk'ing. thanks Rob
  12. Hi one of of our tech guys must of changed one of the DP's from HTTP to HTTPS, can somebody where this event is logged. i.e. when it was changed and who did it, had a look around a few log files but can't find anything. any info would be great thanks Rob
  13. Hi just a query really on how folks document their image releases/release notes. I as most IT people are very lazy, and was hoping that somebody can point me in the direction of a funky tool that will audit a complete build and output it in a nice format i can then use as a release note. anybody know of anything like this ?? thanks guys, Rob
  14. i thought as much thanks for the help.
  15. Hi I have a 2012 R2 set-up with a SUP running on one of my servers, managed by SCCM, can I use this repository for MDT or do I need a separate WSUS instance for MDT as the update won't be authorized for MDT to use(for building reference images with updates). Ideally I don't want to maintain 2 as its a pain authorizing/ downloading 2 lots. What am I missing here. Thanks Guys
  16. HI I am after a bit of advice, i haven't done a lot on reporting, bit my manager wants a Live graphical (x sec refresh) dashboard view of sccm active application deployments, DP updates status ect ect. so he can have it on a wall-board as a quick 'what's happening now' view. is this something we can set up in SCCM or would i need SCOM or other tool/utility for this. Thanks Guys Rob
  17. Hi We are deploying required OSD jobs vix PXE (SCCM 2012 R2) , how do we stop that job running again once rebooted, if the machine hasn't been removed from the collection ? is it a global condition, I am sure there was a setting in 2007 Thanks Rob
  18. Hi i have struggling with some of my distribution points, when i look at the \Monitoring\Overview\Distribution Status\Distribution Point Configuration Status it reports as my DP all green and fine. but i had some of our engineers complaining applications were not downloading. When i looked into it the content was missing. so I used the SCCM toolkit, and the content library explorer, i noticed there were many packaged greyed out with a (PENDING) at the end. but when i checked the DP List there was no distribution happening. so i have to basically go back to the application and redistribute them. why is it miss reporting ??? any pointers appreciated
  19. Thanks for the info, but say i want to only redistribute the failed, e.g. 400 packages 200 ok (green) 200 failed (red). do I need to look at power shell.
  20. High i have a DP that has been off for sometime and is showing a load of packages as failed on the DP status monitor. it been turn back on and is in the correct DP Groups ect ect. How do i get it to update all the missing content without going into the packages individually and updating. Thanks Rob
  21. HI Some bright spark turned off one of my DP's, by the time i realised it was off it had a load of missing content. (36 App's). which are showing as failed on the DP status, under monitoring. Would a content validation fix this, as i thought this only validates the existing content. This DP is a member of a DP group so would of thought it would just pick up the missing content ? I don't really want to go into the individual packages/apps and replicate the content so any ideas would be gratefully received. thanks Rob
  22. i all have a script which prompts for computer name for all unknown computers. But i would like the same to work for Known computers instead of it reusing the information already recorded in SCCM (forget the sites thing this will be done manually by the engineer rebuilding the device when prompted for computername) apologies if i didn't explain it very well.
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