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Found 7 results

  1. Where can I find the report/log for the results of a system initiated Full Scan of the client. Is it stored on the client...where? Or can I bring up a report with the scan from System Center? I'm currently using SCCM 2012.
  2. Hello, Is there any way to remove/hide/encrypt passwords appearing in clear text in the client-side logs during OSD? During OSD, i can read out domian, useraccount and password for the Client Network Access Account. This account have read on the packages share,and i dont want people deploying computers all over the world beeing able to read from the share. I think i read something about this in the realease notes for 1511, but i cant find it again. Hope someone else have done this, and can spare the time to give me the solution Best Regards Marius Senior IT-Consultant
  3. Hi one of of our tech guys must of changed one of the DP's from HTTP to HTTPS, can somebody where this event is logged. i.e. when it was changed and who did it, had a look around a few log files but can't find anything. any info would be great thanks Rob
  4. We have an AutoCAD program that we just added, and the installation package size is 25gb. I distributed the content to the DP and gave it a day to make sure it copied over...checked the content status in the SCCM console and it said that it had been distributed. When we advertised the program, it failed...the client logs said that it could not find the package. So I started looking on the server and distmgr.log repeatedly has the following lines: "Found notification for package 'XXXXXXXX'" "Package 'XXXXXXXX' (priority 2) is already in the queue" ... "Package 'XXXXXXXX' is found in active queue, will try it later" I've tried updating the DP, as well as removing the package from the DP...still the same message in the logs. We had an issue a short while ago in which we had to reinstall our MP...I'm wondering if I don't need to also reinstall our DP, but I'm worried about what sort of implications go along with that. Is there a way to clear this 'active queue'? Note that this is not a BITS transfer...using bitsadmin /list shows 0 active transfers...also, this DP is located on the primary server. All other system statuses are good. Thanks for any input!
  5. Hi, We have recently noticed that the client has stopped automatically installing onto laptop/desktops. We have had everything run successfully for over 6 months and I have spoken with other administrators and nothing appears to have changed on the domain. Once imaged you can see within C:\Windows that the 'ccmsetup' folder has been copied across but not further action has taken place. In order for the client to install correctly with Endpoint Protection I have to manually run the client.exe file. After this process Endpoint Protection is installed and I can see SCCM now states the machine has the client installed, allowing for remote control, deploying software etc etc. Post image I have noticed on Configuration Manager that the Client Certificate states 'None' rather than 'PKI'. Has anyone else experienced this problem and/or recommend the appropriate logs to be reviewing. Thanks
  6. Is there a way to automatically purge advertisement status messages that are older than a set criteria? I basically want to purge all of the entries that are older than say 7 days.
  7. Still working on the SCCM 2012 test lab, and recently I added a driver package to the an OSD TS; I'd like to know if these drivers got properly installed and I don't know which logs to look into. Looks like during the OS deployment job the task sequence that is supposed to load the drivers (mainly DELL Optiplex drivers) runs properly, since I don't see any errors, but I just want to make sure since one set of drivers isn't getting installed. I'm assuming the client logs under windows\CCM\logs, but which file? Thanks!
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