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  1. This was the answer for me as well!!! I was about to freak after all the other hoops I had to go through just to get the upgrade to "successfully" complete.
  2. I had this issue and was unable to shrink the file. The file was near 300GB and only 1.5GB Drive space left. I do not understand why the process requires space to shrink the file, but when I created space and tried to shrink it just ate that space up someone on the drive. Changing the recovery mode to "simple" resolved my issue immediately and reduced the file size to a few MB's. One thing I'd like to know is why this doesn't seem to get backed up using the SCCM backup maintenance. Does it simply get rebuilt during install when doing a full site recovery?
  3. So, I have looked and looked, but I can't seem to find the answer to how to disable users from checking the internet for updates. This seems like it would be the simplest of questions since one of the big ideas behind WSUS is to keep computers from applying updates you don't want them to get, but maybe I'm blind or my noobnish is shining through. As a fall back I guess the easiest way is to use the GPO to point to the SCCM server. Am I to assume that I should point it here: http://<server.domain.com:8530/ClientWebService/client.asmx as shown in the updates log on clients?
  4. All my other woes seem to have been fixed by uninstalling the application and reporting services roles, resetting the site and then reinstalling the roles. Who knows if that would have fixed it from the beggining Note: One thing this beginner didn't account for was that after saying finished the processes (uninstalls/installs) worked in the backgroundand and I needed to check the logs to verify completion before moving on to the next step.
  5. Hope this helps someone else out. This fixed my ability to run reports after changing the logon password. EDIT: After rebooting I still get the same error, but my reports are working. sheeeeeeeesh. It may still help someone. I'll update if I figure out how to avoid the error message. I needed to change the password for the account I used for SCCM and after fixing most services I could not get the reporting service to work. After updating all the services with the correct password they all appeared to be working. However, I kept getting the same error. component SMS_SRS_REPORTING_POINT on computer <my site> reported: The report server service is not running on Reporting Service Point server "<my stie>"; start the service to enable reporting. After hours and hours I found where to look from this page: http://markswinkels....messageid-7403/ 1.) Open Internet Explorer 2.) Browse to the following URL: http://<your SQL Server Name>/Reports Then I had to poke around and drilled down to: SQL Server Reporting Services> Home> ConfigMgr <site name>> Administrative Security> Security Roles Summary Click on "Properties Tab" and Select "Security" Link in the left pane. Clck edit on the account you've changed the password for. (Mine was tied to "ConfigMgr Report Administrators, Config Mgr Report Users" Note any items checked then Uncheck them and click "Apply" Check the items you unchecked and click "Apply" My Reports began working again
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