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  1. I'm using the CAS for everything. Central Administration Site. Do use roles to delegate what Your co-workers do winthin the SCCM envoriment.
  2. Keep up the good work! I'm a little puzzeld... I'm using av CAS and 2 primary server. I will end up With 8 primary servers.(it's politics). I have a share With Applications on the CAS server. The CAS server will put information in to the contentLB. Do I need 2 times the Storage? Files and ContentLB ? Hope you understand what I meen. Best regards, Øyvind Skjellin
  3. Is it a reason you do the acrive Directory user/Device discovery at the primary and not on the CAS server? I've got a CAS server en 2 primary servers today. Will end up With minimum 6 primary servers. Keep up the good work! Cheers, Øyvind Skjellin
  4. Sure. You can use GPO do turn it off. I google'd this: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/disable-the-windows-store-in-windows-8/ In Your case, just make a script and deploy it using a package in SCCM. Cheers, Øyvind Skjellin
  5. It's a minimum of 4 hours. A 00:00 to 00:00 window cant be done. Cheers, Øyvind
  6. Hi Jorgen and thanks. I was afraid of that. Do you know if I can controle the deployment of java(or any other update) so that it can be done during computer restart/when user logs in/user logs of) within SCCM? I've not seen any options on that when I deploy Applications. Is Application the best way to deploy updates? Is packages a better way? I was hoping to get a "best practice" rutine on Things like this and If anyone can share theire way of solving this it will be very helpfull. Not only to me but other People too.
  7. Hi! What is the best way to deploy Java Update using SCCM 2012 in a corporate enviroment? Today we use a script that kills internet browser and all java running, notifying the users to save work etc. I'm hoping that there is a smoother way to do this using applications in SCCM 2012? Cheers, Oyvind
  8. Got this running now. In my program installer application deployment I'd set to "install for system if resource is device: otherwise install for user". When I kick of the application my registry tweek is run as user with dependencies connected to the program installer. My program installer deployment type is therefor run as user.(doh!) Changed installer to run as system only and it works.
  9. No, users can run regedit and have full Access to current user. If I run the installer without the regedit deployment type and then run the regedit Application in a seperate Application it Works fine. This really bites! It's when I add the regedit to the installer and set dependencies it's stops. Error 800702E4.
  10. Hi! I'm trying to install Microsoft Essentials 2012 using sccm 2012 Application. I create one deployment type that install the .exe file. This is working. It's installed as system. Done. But I need to change som settings in the registry(current user). I've created a seccond deployment type that runs regedit and set is to run as user, changed priority to run this first and dependencies to install Essentials first. When I try to install the Application I'm getting error that it needs eleveting. Why is this happening? Does the "run as user" setting on the regedit deployment type override the "run for system" on the dependent deployment type? Does enyone have any other suggestions to how to change the registry for current user when deploying Applications? I'd like to not use GPO etc to change registry. The registry change I'm doing is to Accept UELA and filetypes and turn of signing in to Live messenger...... A snapp shot of the deployment types is Attached.
  11. I had trhe same problem. I use Applications. You can set return codes to the deployment types. Go to deployment Types - Properties - Return Codes. Add 255 as success. works perfect.
  12. Did it work? I'm trying to do the xcopy thingy within an application and get error 0x1(access deninde).
  13. I've done so, but get "access denide". I'm using Apllications and not packages.... I have no options on setting user rights on applications...
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